Unjust feedback from sneezingunicorn

Hello. I recently traded with a user named sneezing unicorn. at first all was well. We agreed on what to trade and when to trade (we agreed two or so times, both of us pushing the date to ship back). When i finnally shipped, I gave him the tracking and when i asked for mine, he said he didnt’ have it. I expressed discomfert with this and he replied with excused like “I’m a forgetful soul” and “I like to live life on the edge with no recpets”.
With this all said, i was stern that i REALLY needed that tracking number as i feel I’ being ripped off at this point. He emailed me the tracking number shortly after that. All was well when i received the package, when i opened it and found it wasn’t mine. It was ment for someone else. I emailed him and for a while, he was very apologetic and wanting to work this out. He even got me in contact with the other guy. We were discussing what to do, him proposing to meet up as we didn’t live that far away. long story short on that, they thought i lived closer to the city i listed, where i actually lived within the limits, about 20 or so minutes away from the city.
then, when i told i couldn’t ship that day or meet up (had exams, couldn’t do 2 hours on the road) or ship till tuesday, he became VERY hostile to me, saying things like “You need to send him his stuff or send it to me.” indicating today or tomorrow.
When i tried to explain why i couldn’t meet or ship until tuesday, he wrote back with

"Dude. I thanks to your difficulty it is our problem. Not mine alone. And as far as I’m concerned yoh have 50$ worth of metal you didn’t pay for. So. I dont care what your life revolves around You need to tell him when he’s getting his ■■■■ and be an adult. When and how is none of my concern at this point I’m officially leaving you “to be the bigger man”

Then “Lol okay. Like I said I really don’t care anymore. Send him his ■■■■ and he’ll send you yours and all will be well. Tell him when you’re sending it and work the rest out… if you don’t work yourself up in the process. You’re the one coming to assumptions about sketchy vibes and yet in contradiction can’t seem to be straight forward yourself. Work out a trade with a more reasonable fellow with a box of yoyos soon to have your name on it. Send him ■■■■. Get yours. The end.”

I have spoken with the man who got my package and i had his, and we working things out rather swimmingly, almost within an hour or so. sneezingunicorn has made no contact to either of us, nor try to compensate for the money we will have to pay out of our pocket to ship again. I have posted him a negative feedback (obviously) and he has posted one back, out of sheer retaliation and anger, nothing else. It even goes on to talk about things which i had no history of talking about those topics with him (something about bearings and reviews? Can’t make sense of it)

I would love to go into more detail, even get sneezing unicorn in on this, because i do not think i deserve this negative feed back. (the only wrongs believe i have done are 1. I did open up and threw the yoyo that was not mine twice (Sneezing unicorn said “that’s fine” in the emails" and the person who was going to get the yoyo had said “jelious you got to throw it first, but i understand.” and 2. not shipping INSTANTANEOUSLY which i don’t think its fair that i had to adjust my plans of leaving town and possibly miss my bus to fix a mistake that wasn’t mine, and the person who got my throws agreed to ship on an easier day.So in my mind, both wrongs were towards the other person in this trade, not sneezingunicorn, therefor do not deserve the negative from him)

Contact a moderator, they should be able to help you out.

Weird how he’s acting so hostile when he screwed up.

Haha I’ve actually got the addresses messed up once and shipped the wrong yoyos to the wrong person.

OMG is this me?

If the mods can’t help you, then do what I did and just get a obnoxious amount of positive feedback to counteract the one bad one. Once people trust you again, then you can continue scamming.

I actually just made a deal with sneezyxunicorn for his aviator and he was very prompt and compliant the whole way.

Payed him and hes shipping out my stuff .

Easy transaction

You can’t call it an easy transaction until you get the yoyo.

That’s find and dandy for you. But This is how he was acting, i gave him a negativit feed back, and he gave me one back for shipping the yoyo and him getting it? How does that seem fair? The only way his negative feed back would even make any sense is for not going faster to mailing the other guy the yoyo, and that’s none of his business as he stated several times to me.
And so everyone knows, the moderator Godz (the one with godzilla) told me post this here and see what happens but as if now (I don’t know why) there’s nothing he can do.

thats incredibly unproffesional on sneezy’s part… as long as peoople read this,then they can understand what happened,i would also like to read sneezing unicorns part of the story as well,not saying that you could anyway be at wrong on this situation,but what does suck about the interwebs,is pretty much no matter what,it always sounds like he said she said crap.but if whatt you say is true(which i thinnk it is).Anybody with good connection to the bst here on YYE usually reads these here andd there. and in the long run will question sneezingunicorns professional ettiquette.you did the right thiing posting it here,and he may have done the wrong thing by acting so childish…

thank you, im hoping sneezingunicornn does post on here so everyone can get the picture

it seems to me that said unicorn is trying to make you feel bad for his mistake.

thats what i got. I didn’t understand how i was being difficult to work with that i made plans that weeked, and i couldnt drop everything and correct his mistake.

I don’t think they will be able to change the feedback, even if it is retaliatory. I read his comments on the negative he gave you, and he mentions something about a bearing, and something else he was not satisfied with. Unless he wrote, “here’s a negative for giving me a negative,” or somehow admitted that the feedback was in retaliation, I doubt there is anything they can do. It sounds like he might have another negative coming from the third party. So, he’s in a worse position right now.

i gave one of the mods all our communcations, and no where do we discuss bearings or reviews though.

Where and who is the Third party maybe he can help shed some light on this?

talk to mod godz. He’s the one i gave it to

we’re lookin’ into it…



would like to update:i finnsly got my package, not surprisingly thoigh also lied about the condition of the throws. said all were close to mint expect prism but said it still plays wonderfully. prisim is chewed up amd thats no including the moderate vibe from it.

The trash talking he was Refering to was me saying how he A:is not praising a yoyo he told me was “weak”, B telling him to messages modgodz, and c, using my picture on his post with out permission

I…i don’t even know what to say to this new one. Mod god should know the moment I got the other man’s email, I tried working it out with him. I have text proving that the other guy tried contacting unicorn and he didn’t respond to him back. This is just…wow.

“Stop while you’re a head”