Unjust feedback from sneezingunicorn


told me the pop was mint, and he did say the prism was ‘not mint’ but i did not expect this. Didn’t bother to mention the vibe on it either.

thats a wee bit more then an oops…

He was correct in its non mint on the prsim…but…eh. XD

boycott the unicorn!!! fight the system

if it was weak why did you bst say it was super smooth? and fix it up? It played fine before i sent it, bearing wasn’t concave if that’s what your saying because we didn’t agree on that. ANd you were disatified? I was honest about the condition of my throw to the point you used my picture for your bst till i called you on it.
No one called you a child either. and i don’t know what your quoting, but if your quoting me, that’s not what i said. You were trying to pressure me into meeting the other guy because you assumed i was super close to him and i wasn’t.
And I don’t like you sorry, i dont. and your throws are bunk. Sorry they are. The t9 was nice, I like that one a lot. The pop is nice, but not mint like you said, and good golly man!!! Not mint is right! Might need new teeth for the dog that chewed on it cause that’s what it looks like! and the vibe is aweful! I gotta try and fix that now!
Also, would like to add, the other guy in this trade, might want to stop making up things he said about me too. Asked him about it, and said what your saying was balderdash, and you were urging him to open the package when it got to him, even after we knew about the mix up and you told him what was in the box.
Don’t know why, but i assume to blame the damages on him. Nothing you have said so far speaks highly about your character, and you seemed to keep making stuff up so people believe you. Where’s your proof man? I have emails, pms, other people you spoke with and pictures. You even admitted it ‘sounds shady’ when you lost the tracking info dude!

I believe this topic has run it’s course.
You two can probably only agree to disagree.