10rscamaro, what's going on?

Ok, so I’ve been in a deal with 10rscamaro. I sold him 3 yoyos and a case for 35 dollars.

So he asks for tracking and says he’ll ship after checking the tracking. He says he will ship.

He gets the yoyos and then says he’ll ship again… I thought he already shipped right?

So what was the point of the tracking? So then, I’ve been waiting for my money in the mail for a week. It hasn’t come yet. I let him know and he says he’ll reship at the Post office and send it out with a free yoyo and tracking. Ok. He says he’ll ship out that day, or next day(today).

So just now I went to PM him to see if he shipped everything out alright, and it says his account no longer Exists!!!

It’s been a few weeks, and I have not received my money!

Do any mods know if he’s been banned or something because it says his account doesnt exists… Help!

His name is 10r"scam"aro
That seems fishy did he have feedback?
If you were selling something find a safer way of obtaining the money, rather than mailing cash.

Yeah, he had 1 positive feedback, but then again I had none at the time. He said he could give me the money through Paypal, but I said I didnt have an account. The one feedback rating on my account his from him… :-\

woah that’s scary! :o ??? :’( >:( I am not trading with him.
He probably has another account and goes around doing stuff like that.

He also has 16 positive feedback on his ebay…

Wait you have feedback from him? ???

Yeah, on my profile, it’s my one and only feedback rating.

Also check the detailed description, he states that he payed 35 dollars for case and yoyos

Can someone PM this to a mod??

He’s put in a request to have his account deleted. The email he used is a@gmail.com.

I’m afraid there’s nothing we can do to help.

I hate to tell you this but there is not much a mod can do, its not like he can wave his magical wand and you get your yoyos back. No one likes to be scamed but you must be careful, may i recomend that you do not trade with someone that has no feedback in the future. I only deal with nice people that have feedback and/or have made lots of posts or if they ship first.

I feel so bad that you got scamed, what yoyos where in the package?

A zeekio Case
YYF whip+kk
Speedmaker with slim bearing
YYJ classic with stainless bearing

and a multi tool

And plus, nobody wanted to trade with me because I had no feedback… :’(

lol, I still have his address so Im gunna send him a letter asking why he closed his account.

Nothing that can’t be replaced. But it shouldn’t need to be.

Include with that a statement of intent to file for postal fraud charges against him. Don’t threaten. Set a deadline and then do it. He has defrauded you.

This is also another case of payment. You stated that you had sold him yoyos.

It doesn’t matter who you are, or what your feedback count is. If you do not receive payment for your items, so not ship them out. Never ship until payment is in hand. Even if you have to wait for it in the mail. If somebody won’t respect that, then simply don’t deal with them.



Lesson learned: don’t trade with someone with the word ‘scam’ in their username.


He made a new account yesterday with the username C3 - everyone please beware that if this person contacted you, they probably oughtn’t be trusted: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php?action=profile;u=25335

I went ahead and banned both usernames. I’m very sorry to hear that this happened, noonar. Can you post a link to his eBay account for us? I genuinely wish there was more we could do from the moderator side of things.

Its a wonder how people think there so smart to create a username to trade scam a person and make a new username so people won’t think it’s them.

Just wow there so smart.