10rscamaro, what's going on?

Thank you of informing us and not being ignorant and snobby like most others would be. I appreciate the concern.

Everyone, please avoid him on ebay :http://myworld.ebay.com/10rscamaro?_trksid=p2047675.l2559

Don’t trust him, is a bad man :wink:

Wait, was 10rscamaro banned in the first place, is that the reason he didnt reply?

No. He wasn’t until I posted that message. He hadn’t logged in since November with that account. Thanks for the eBay link.

my first ATTEMPTED trade here on the forums… GREAT!.. this guy owes me 140 for my H5xchief and now he’s banned so I have no way to contact him… not that it would have helped cuz he’s a low life with no conscience.

He said he was hesitant to pay first because I had no feedback, which I can understand. what a vicious circle it is that you have to sell to get feedback and you need feedback to sell.

Anyway all those who are saying “dont trade with someone who has ‘scam’ in his name” can f-off. 10rscamaro sent me his name and address (had to send the yoyo somewhere):

Matthew Kusnetz
116 East Union Valley Road
Monroe Township NJ, 08831

Now it gets interesting… there’s one Matthew Kusnetz on facebook, and he lives in Monroe Township, NJ. His profile pics include pictures of a nice yellow '10 camaro rs.

Dude, Matt, you suck. You decided not to pay me when I gave you the benefit of the doubt that you were a decent person. Nice job pulling one over on me. You’ve got a nice shiny new yoyo

The only problem I can see with your situation is that I still have your name and address, and OH YEAH, you have a nice shiny yellow camaro. I wish you well my friend and hope you never have to deal with slashed tires and smashed in windows.

Don’t let this deter you from using the BST; the majority of users on here don’t scam.

Tyres and car windows are expensive to replace. Sounds like this could cost Matthew a lot more than the value of the yoyos he ripped off.

Hopefully he’s reading this and realises he could save some money if he got in contact with and arranges payment to the people he owes money.

My situation was exactly like NATO’s. I’m sorry nato, I feel really bad for you because the same thing happened to me. :-\

Man if only we there was a international Internet police right now that could solve all of it!

I know this could be a lot of hassle but is there anyway the deals could be done through YYE. Like they must be sent there, someone confirms the trade is made correctly, and then sent on from there

Fiscal, time, liability, and numerous other reasons just make it unreasonable for YYE to try and manage trading between members. Trading in life is almost always at your own risk.

I’m really sorry to hear that happened to you :confused: I really am. I’ve been doing my best to up my feedback and its a slow process, basically what I did was I made sure I was trading with someone with 15+ feedback, I then made a legit offer and I had to ship first of course but I felt alot more safe about that. My first two feedbacks were actually of two different kids who sent me cash Thru the mail, Imna honest person so I shipped them, it worked out but I told them if for whatever reason it didn’t show he would assume all responsibility. He agreed and did just that, but of course he got his throw.

Were those all of your yoyos?