Stevenatyou. possible scammer.

I posted a full story of what happened and the mods decided to remove it, im getting sick of that. So, if you want to trade with him know just pm me and ill tell you what happened.

It was removed because you really didn’t get scammed. You said he needed to ship first, he didn’t, thus there was no deal. No transaction took place.


I said POSSIBLE SCAMMER. I never said i got scammed, now did I?

And there was a deal.

But no actual deal took place and nothing was lost.

I understand that. But we still made a deal and he never shipped and was making (as to what I believe) False excuses. Thus causing me to warn people and be wary if they ever want to trade/deal with him in any way. :slight_smile:

People pull out of trades all the time when they have to ship first. many times it is because they are kids, and their parents won’t allow it. It takes a bit of faith to ship first, which for any reason can be shooken, and sounds like it was.

That’s why there are trader’s feedbacks in this forum!!

Alright but he didnt just pull out he never shipped. he never said he was backing out. I was waiting for him to respond and ship and tat caused me to lose a bunch of deals because I was holding the yoyos to be shipped.

Im the friend that contacted you through his(Stevenatyou) account. His mom is greatly ill and im pretty sure a life is more important than a yoyo. He feels bad for waiting but theres nothing he could do, he cant drive.

Umm, any moderator or admin wanna check the IP addresses?

Agreed. Quite suspicious.

I havent been on this account in a while i was just using his for the time being but when i saw the post i had to stick up for my friend. His mom is greatly ill and hes been in the hospital watching her there is no time to send the yoyo.

Alright, someone take this post down then, we know whats going on now, my appologies for causing any trouble.

Thanks for being very considerate.

It’s very nice of you.