I'm cunfuddled


It seems everyone is always so worried about scammers. ‘You ship first’ ‘No you’ ‘no you’. I’m a bit surprised that no omegas started third party trading. Both people ship to one trustworthy person who makes sure everything’s what was agreed upon, the continues shipping. There would be an extra shipping cost, of course, and more waiting, but really, no scammers! Oh, and people are always like, ‘oh, I’ll do it if you give me the shipping money, but I want a little extra’. I don’t get this. I mean, you get to try out throws for free. And, okay, if you damage them YOU WILL NEVER BE TRUSTED AGAIN, but as long as your careful…

In summary, to avoid scammers there should be third parties. I would not think they would want much payment, if any, and the extra shipping is not much if they are in a location in between the two BSTers. This is obviously not required if you are dealing with a trusted person, but two people who have never shipped before… I think I would want to know I am safe from scammers.


The issue is, people including myself dont necessarily want to bother shipping for other people. And the acual traders have to pay double the price for shipping. Over all, it isnt really worth it in my opinion, and people with little feedback should just ship first.


Sounds like an absolute pain, an extra $5 or $10 per trade adds up for those of us with lots of trades, also people are impatient enough as it is, try getting them to wait 2-3 days longer to get their yoyo. It’s been proposed before, by Heath ironically enough, and no it will never happen, just not worth it. Deal with reputable people, if someone has very low or no feedback they ship first, if they won’t then on to the next one.


No scamming? How bout the third party they could take both packages and it would be a double scam???


He does have a point here. For the people with higher feedback what would be the start of a middle man? 100 only positive feedback? this would cause the handful of individuals to be swamped with trades

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It’s an unwritten rule that whoever has lower feedback ships first. Simple as that. I go by that rule unless we have around the same number of feedback then I’m okay with shipping same time as long as they provide tracking.


Quite valid.

Also, as I place value on my time, I wouldn’t be doing some sort of intermediary service for free.

For the most part, BST is fairly safe and rules have been established to help prevent scams. There’s a lot of good and honest traders/sellers there and their rankings reflect this.

Bottom line, if the trader ranking is lower than say 5, that person should send or pay first. If a buy, the buyer should always buy first in my opinion. I’ve bought from BST’ers with lower ratings than I have because I insist that as a BUYER, since I am BUYING, I should pay first. When I did a trade with someone, we shipped at about the same time. I think I shipped a day before he did, which in the end didn’t matter because we both were pleased with the end results.

If you don’t feel comfortable, don’t commit and back out. Plain and simple.


I also agree with the fact studio just mentioned about buying. I haven’t bought much or sold but no matter what it should always be buyer first. It makes zero sense being the other way because most of the time the shipping is added into the sale so what if they need that money to ship.


My problem is people sending me yoyo’s that are beat to heck when they were not stated in that condition.


Yeah same here. Exactly the same.
Sometimes they say " you didn’t ask about the condition"


or it will be beat and on the bst it will say yoyo blah, nothing more making you assume it is mint because it isn’t stated


Ok, remember when I said this is unnecessary when dealing with reputable people?


Sucks. Just happened to me by Zakkhess. If you guys ever see him, please tell him to do the right thing and give me my yo-yo’s back. He’s been lurking around for a couple of days ignoring my PM’s. I would much appreciate it.

Anyway, on topic. I feel strongly about scams like these. You really can’t trust anyone. Even Darxus, who had over 20 feedback totally scammed me.


The only reason I didn’t mind the damage was that the yoyo was smooth and i got a great deal, but along with the topic what would the start of the tradeback number be to be a middle man


I don’t know. I’d do it. Evil, Secretive Chuckle a Scammer Would Produce


I’d be willing to act as a middleman.
Both parties have to pay for shipping and the work I have to do ($10 + shipping from each party).

It’s not a very efficient system, and I doubt anyone would want to go through the trouble. If you’re not comfortable trading with someone, then don’t.

But hey, if you want to, I wouldn’t mind making a quick buck :wink:


if 20 feedback could be enough for two people to trust me then I would so do it for those prices $10 a piece then $6 for shipping priority with tracking


I think a third party would be one more person to blame if yo-yos are damaged. There would be accusations that the third party must have damaged the yo-yo because it was fine when it was shipped out, and so on. It just seems like:

  1. Too much liability for the third party;
  2. Too long a wait for the throws to be inspected;
  3. More shipping, means the yo-yo travels more in the mail and is more susceptible to damage;
  4. Increase cost of the third party’s services, and increased shipping costs.

Just too many reasons not to do it. But, I’ve seen the idea proposed in the past. The idea itself is good, but application of it would not play out efficiently for anyone involved.




Wrong about what exactly?