Scammer signs

2 pm’s and 4 days to hear back from someone you traded with…? Any of these should be a red flag that something is amiss…

My post office is slow…the post office mess it up…the box just came back from the post office…
I had the wrong postage…( some how the post office is to blame)
I sent you the wrong tracking #… (No “right” tracking # will accompany this message…)
It’s hard to type on my phone….My computer was broken…
My mom /dad / step- sister/ etc… can’t / won’t drive me to the post office…
I was taking a nap….

dont forget the “you ship first even though i have no feedback and you have 20 feedback” thingy

mint with two flat spots…

“mint in box: here are the taken apart photos outside the box, which is completely not mint in the box really, so i am an idiot” i like that one

When in Oklahoma I’ve had a lot of post office problems. I’ve always gotten the packages back or sent money back. At least kept in contact with them. Pretty sad too.

I will give you the post office thing but… with no tracking # …it’s smelly…

I would want them to give first…and I have no feedback.

Am I a scam?

If their feedback is higher, just ship first. Credibility is gained through a gradual route.

well, feedback ain’t everything, a lot of us don’t trade on a regular basis

but check the guy’s messages on the forums, check out his screen name on google, see if you can find him on other forums as well, see how he acts, what he posts

scammers are not intelligent people, if the guy has nothing but useless or agressive, or 2 words posts, make sure all the conditions are in your favor

trade feedbacks, really, when there’s none, it doesn’t mean the guy’s a scammer, and some with good feedbacks might also happen to start scamming for some reason (seen it happen)

if you discuss enough with the guy, you’ll get all the information you need about how trustworthy he/she is.

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Given that you have no feedback, you’re really the only person in a position to answer that question :P. But I can say that you are someone with whom folks with feedback will not want to trade. Given that you have 0 feedback, you have no leverage to make a person ship first. And asking someone with feedback to do so just makes you look suspicious.

So you think I’m a scam? -.-

We don’t think you are a scammer but it does not put you in a good position when you ask someone with feedback to ship first.

Good position? What does that mean? Yes, I’m new to trading yoyo’s online.

you really don’t understand or are you just playing dumb ? I thought you were actually smarter than that. If anything your attitude in this discussion makes you suspicious, while you weren’t before.

If anything, out of respect, you don’t ask people with feedback to ship first if you don’t have feedback. Otherwise you’re just making your own life a little harder for absolutely no reason other than dumb pride and/or ego.

and this is how, someone who were making a good impression on people just seeded doubt. this is how it happens, that easily.

Not to be accusatory or anything, but given the way I’ve seen you behave both on the boards and in the chat, I’d be hesitant to even deal with you in the first place. And then if you insisted I ship first on top of all that, I’d chuckle to myself and effectively end our “business relationship.”

Like hadoq said, the way a person conducts themself is just as important as a feedback score. Perfect examples of both ends of the spectrum are right here in this thread. For you, I’m sorry but you just don’t have it going for you. I would absolutely need to see your yoyos in my hand before I risk sending you mine. But for someone like hadoq who continually conducts himself in a respectable and professional manner on every single post, I’d have absolutely no problem with at least same-day shipping with him, despite his feedback score of 0.

What’s wrong with useless posts?
You callin’ me out?

Yeah this guy Q will rob you blind right under your nose. Check his feedback if you don’t believe me :smiley:

How many posts and feedback the person has makes a difference to me.

I’m waiting for a throw from a guy on here that has a positive feedback of 15. It’s been a month today and no word from him! I don’t know what to do.

paypals or trade…? paypals start right now and file…

Yeah, it was PayPal. I’ll try to cancel, but it’s been a month already.