I put this here because I want everyone to see it.

It has come to my attention that there are a few members that are leaving feedback with people that they didn’t even trade with. This is not acceptable.


You can start a feedback thread posting what you think and let others determine the situation. I will however keep my eye on these and if the situation is bogus, I will delete it. This goes for the other Mods as well.

If the goods are not in the condition or quality you expected or were lead to believe, go ahead and say so and rate the trade as less than satisfactory, but that does not make the other party a scammer.
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Please follow the rules of the forum. It’s not a hard thing to do. It just takes self control.

Thank you


The same should be said about accusing people of scamming. If you’re disappointed with your side, don’t say that he is a scammer because of something you didn’t like. I’ve seen this. Do NOT accuse without evidence. As Icthus said, just because you are upset, don’t leave a negative feedback unless the trader had neglected to tell you about some kind of horrible vibe or huge damage.


Well answer me this. Is the person your dealing with a scammer considering the fact that they have feedback from someone who has none? and the same person has a thread and on that thread a mod is warning about dealing with him? Then when you ask that same person to ship first (because of what the mod says) they completely ignore you?

(Actually happened to me a couple of days ago)

What if you traded with them in person and left feedback online?

Iffy feedback or not agreeing to ship first does not make a scammer.
If there is direct evidence of a scam from a victim of said scam - that makes a scammer.

Mods sometimes get information from mods on other boards about potential scammers. We may make a comment to that effect if we feel it is warranted.

…People do that?


Everyone needs to see this.

Well i had to agreed to ship first in a trade but the guy recived it 3days no prob he apparently sent it to the wrong address.But during the problem he said hed send it to me if he ever got it back.So almost a year later he gets it back and SELLS it to someone else.He had 200% postitive and scammed a couple people over this period and left ME a NEGITIVE because he said i was trying to scam him into giving me more stuff.He refused to give me pics<reported ME about 5 times and resold all my stuff to avoid giving it back.Instead he sent me a broken pgm and a messed up fhz…


Just want to point out that the double negative there makes the statement kinda silly. It basically says that you have to say someone is a good trader if you did not like the conditions of the trade. You might want to fix that Icthus.

I think it’s been clarified.

My own feeling is that you shouldn’t leave feedback for in person deals. They’re just not the same kind of transaction since you are in total control of the situation and there is little risk involved.

What I meant is if you don’t like the conditions and think they are asking too much, That does not give you the right to leave feedback calling them a scammer. You MUST have made a deal in order to leave feedback.