Trader Feedback Rules

This is a place for you to either defend your case or to tell how great the trade actually was.
All the normal forum rules apply here. All moderators and admin control this area.
We will be watching to make sure you guy’s play nice.

(New 7/23/2012)
Only leave feedback if you have actually had a deal and are ecstatic or you got scammed. If the trade or deal just never took place after an agreement was made you didn’t get scammed and no feedback is warranted.

Clarification to 7/23/2012 as quoted by Jrod on 11/9/2013
“Once someone has shipped, then things have changed hands and the two parties are bound to the deal unless and until one of them proves to have not sent what they said they were sending - in terms of condition, etc.” ~skitrz

(New 5/6/2011)
Only leave feedback if you have had direct experience trading with a person. Feedback based on hearsay or anything else other than personal experience will be deleted.

(New 3/5/2011)
Please try to keep all feedback for a person in one topic. It makes it much easier than having to track down 5 or 6 different topics about the person.

There will be no calling others names or anything like that.
There will be no hate. Even though you may have a bad deal, all you need to do is tell what happened
Please no using the censor. I know when you get scammed you can get heated. Do your best.

If there are any questions or suggestions please post them in this thread.

Note: You are encouraged to post all trades here both GOOD and not so good.
Use this in conjunction with the profile trade feedback rating.

This is a good idea, though you guys might have your hands full :stuck_out_tongue:

Another thing you might want to point out is that even though it is a good way to warn people about the person, posting addresses on a public forum is a horrible idea.

Why do we need to post Addresses? Things like that can be dealt with in PMs or emails :stuck_out_tongue:

If you’re warning someone about the person, many people post addresses trying to warn the community about the person. Just something I’ve seen.



Are we allowed to post a warning of a possible scammer if we have good qualifying evidence to back up or reasons?

like here. where i made a thread in the Traders Feedback section warning of possible scammer about 2 months back


With the new rule, I’d say not w/o running it by the moderators or admins first.

Ok, but the thread tht i created already is grandfathered from the rule right?

Yes. It will stay.

what do you do when you get scammed

I also really want to know what to do when this happens, i got scammed and lost my canvas and it really sucks

Other than posting here to warn others there’s not a lot you can do. Sometimes we can help track the guy down and maybe nudge him a bit, but unless you happen to live in the same area and can physically confront the guy you don’t have a lot of leverage. People talk about filing a report with the police or the postal inspectors, but I can almost guarantee you it will go to the bottom of the file. Postal inspectors are too busy looking for big time fraud etc. On rare occasions, you may be able to contact a parent and get results. This assumes the guy is a minor living with a parent who gives a damn.