Tips on how not to get scammed:

I have been scammed and it feels bad so here is some tips on how not to get scammed.

Check feedback!
See who gave the user feedback see details
Don’t ship first if
The user has low feedback,
Has less than 3 days on the forums it is most likely they will not have a trade in that period of time,
Acts suspicious,
Acts rude,
Seems unresponsible.

Remember you can report scammers! To the police

If its to good to be true it might be to good to be true
see if they have been kick out of other forum
If to much time has past and there is no package act fast
get users phone number
confirm address
always ask for pics
Talk to users who has traded to the person you are about to trade to
try to ship at the same time
ask for tracking number
Keep a constant talk during transition
Make sure they have been on the forum if they are not on long period of time
You only have so much time to react if you know you have been scammed for sure

Make sure you have check the following:
Positive feedback:
Neutral feedback:
Negative feedback:
Total Positive feedback:
Ed the following

Make sure you check

Over all be smart and keep yoyoing

How not to get scammed? It’s up to the scammer whether they scam you or not lol…

It’s wrong, but it happens. Good guide for beginner traders if the errors and stuff were fixed.

Thank you im still not done proof reading and other stuff

you can also report it to your nearest grocery store, but it will do you about the same amount of good.
Police have bigger things to worry about than, “some kid who lost yoyo” bottom line, THEY DON’T CARE, and even if they do for some reason, what they can do is EXTREMELY limited. Only way they can tell if you had really scammed, and the package had not just been lost in transit, is if they do a FULL search of your house and find the yoyo in question.

Also when writing a guide, please make it easier to read by not typing in mostly caps, and using correct grammar.


Sad thing is it’s true though.

if thier is no proof they shipped to you. you can report it i did it i worked out

no no, you can report it, but they also don’t have any proof that you did ship it. they need proof of some kind, negative or positive before they can legally do anything. lets say best case scenario:
they have proof he didn’t ship it, you set a court date. Paying for a lawyer, (if you need one) will exceed the cost of the yoyo buy 20x, and would NOT be worth it. best possible scenario: you don’t get a lawyer and you still win the case, then he is supposed to pay you a compensation, for such a low valuable item like a yoyo, they aren’t gonna check in to see if he actually paid you or not for something like a yoyo, peroid. My dad went to court for a car claim in which the he won, and the one being prosecuted was supposed to pay him $7,000. He alerted the court about this, and they said they would check up on him. (like they say no matter what) 3 yrs later, the never got a dime from that guy. if 7,000 dollars isn’t enough to make the it worth it for the court to check if someone paid, 50-200 dollars wont be either. like SR said, sad but true.

EDIT: who did you scammed by?

Ok :wink: i will take it off

The only sure way not to get scammed is buy your yoyo’s new.

take off the report to police part, or the post? don’t take off the post, as the advice is good, but do want you want with the police thing :slight_smile:

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Thanks. I agree. Fully covered in the thread skitrz made.