a list of KNOWN scammers.

a list of people who have scammed people in the past. so you know who not to deal with?

It’s generally the practice to just do a quick search on someone that you’re not familar with. Also check the feedback and if you have questions just pm the parties involved.

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This would open the site operators to libel. This idea won’t fly.

I won’t go into how to properly go about this, but certain terms will cause enormous legal problems so it’s really a topic best left avoided in it’s entirely.

It’s one thing to say “this guy scammed me, this is what I did, this is what he didn’t do” and then you have a valid argument for yourself regarding YOUR situation IF it’s the actual truth.

A list would just be a lawsuit waiting to happen. No lists of this nature!

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An easy thing to go around it would be to just make a thread saying Ongoing trading issues. You could state the situation, and show proof of what happened if it did happen. You can’t call them scammers though

No need to ruin reputations. Could Just be a simple mistake…

Anyone who wants to ruin their reputation will do it all on their own with no help needed. That’s typically how it works.

If we had a thread that listed all scammers and gave a quick description of the incident, after a while the list would be long enough that you would still use the search to locate their name among the masses.

Consult the users profile or the Traders Feedback section of the board when you want to make a deal w/someone. That’s why they are there.

eXactly. 0.o

Ideal thought. 1 stop shopping for a bottom-feeding lawyer who needs some work real fast.


There tools for this are already in place. No changes are needed.

It drives me crazy when people make fake accounts just to give themselves thank yous…

Good idea in theory but honestly such a list could really backfire and be used in the wrong way, such as people flaming others for the wrong reasons. Better that everyone just research a seller/trader and go from there.

That’s easily investigated. Typically the feedback for trader ratings happens very close together. While it is entirely possible for traders to have feedback to hit cose together from multiple users in a very short time, it’s a red flag, especially for a “new” trader. You can’t fake the times. Also, if you’re suspicous, you can investigate each account that posted feedback. If those are also new, then that’s definitely someone to consider avoiding.

However, posting a list of “known scammers” without legal evidence to back it up, it’s best to choose your words carefully. Its best for people to post up their own experiences while at the same time paying attention to language used. Issues should be resolved via PM’s, email, text and phone calls first. When that fails, please see if administration here may be able to push the issue along. Other measures could be taken as well, such as a letter of intent staing that legal action will follow if the issue is not resolved in a timely manner. Taking such issues to the forum out in public should be done ONLY as a last resort. Once it’s taken public, it can get ugly and nasty real quick. It also has fall-out and collateral damage.

Another popular yoyo forum and store recently had an incident known as the “Den of Thieves”. There is legal evidence to back-up any claims they have of theft, including the names of those involved. They have the proper evidence to safely talk about someone committing crimes and able to say with authoritiy that those people are thieves, criminals and scammers.

Again, unless you’ve got hard evidence backing you up that will hold up in court. it’s best to just post in their trader feedback that you weren’t happy with a trader, maybe state why, and then leave it at that. Stick to the facts, keep it fairly brief and simple, and try not to be emotional. Then let people find it. While this is public information, you’re avoiding a list situation. This avoids problems.