a burn list

Is anyone interested in having a burn list, as in people to avoid trading with?

I won’t post any names here if anyone tells me not to.

I just think that it would be worth while to have an readily avaliabe list that you can refer to when trading with others and if they are on this list you can ask what caused them to be on this list or just avoid trading with them.

Most scammers aren’t on the site anymore. For example, I don’t think emoelmoisawesome is on anymore.

He almost got me.

I think it would be good to post guidelines to help detect scammers though.

There is one on yoyonation that seems to be effective.

Do the mods have an opinion on the subject before I begin to add people to this list and if people wish to put people on this list they must have a valid reason.

how would we do it, would it be just people posting here or would you (the people) PM me the perpitrators name and I would post it on the list?

Even better, we could just use the traders’ feedback system that is already in place. :-\

^^^ Yes, but also if a person’s from let’s say… Yoyonation makes an account here, some of us might not know about his backround. So it might be a good idea for people to add some of the people from yoyonation on their burn list, over here to our burn list, if we make one. And I am only talking about the scammers from YYN who have made an account over here. Not just everyone on the burn list on YYN, because that would be unnessesary, especially if they made an account with a different name on here.

You wouldn’t be on my burn list James. ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:

Creepy, lol! :smiley:

so the main concencus is that this would be a good idea?


I vote no. We already have a system in place for such things.

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And if common sense is used you can tell who may be a scammer, there is already a list on yyn as someone already said and if you are making a trade you should check the persons feedback on more than one forum anyway

This is really sad that we have to do this, why can’t people just do it right and not scam anyone just what’s the point ( it’s retorical don’t give me loads of reasons). Sorry it just annoys and sadens me so much

the problem is that the feed back system can be fake also, im sure that it wouldn’t be hard to set up multiple accounts on defferent compters using different isp adresses and give yourself great feed back. The burn list would be able to name these people and provide a permenate record.

like I said its already on YYN

I’m just saying that your not a scammer.

along the same lines, a person can make a new account, on a new name, which is not on said burn list, post for six months, build up some “Faux Feedback” and scam… I think the feed back system works well… If mine equals like 12 and some one elses is like 2, but they dont want to ship first, its fishy, and most likely not worth it…

there is just no way to completely illuminate risk in buying a used item of the internet. if a scammer wants to scam there is only so much a person can do about it. (unfortunately) :-[

I only changed the word you used to a different phrase. The It means the exact same thing though.