yoyoman99 - aka zc1957, msyoyo, ricestacked - *This is a WARNING* Update

I have not dealt with this member, but i am posting a warning for the rest of the community because i have come to the conclusion this member is a scammer.

He first contacted me on YYE about his offer.

this is the ad tht he has on YYE

He declines my offer to his offer.

later on he contacts me via PM on YYN
telling me about the same offer. so i gave him the same offer to his offer as i did on YYE
this is his ad on YYN

he accepts the offer on YYN, but refuses to ship first.
(i wanted him to ship first due to him having ZERO feedback and being fairly new to both forums)

he later sends me a PM stating he does have feedback.
which u can see here as to what he sends me

so i before i say anything i check his account on YYE. In fact he does have a feedback. The feedback came from a brand new member who just signed up today.
you can see the account here


This “other new” member has no post and no feedback in return.

so this is my warning. this my investigation work. if you need more info i will gladly post more. So please be careful with yoyoman99. cause i believe he is a scammer.

update 3-27-11
Keeping up with another forum. i have learned that yoyoman99 is indeed a scammer and has been seen on OD forums, YYE forums, and YYN forums. i do not know much about the OD forums. on the YYN forums he created another alias as “msyoyo.” his new alias account has been banned on the YYN forums. So please YoYoExpert forum members please be careful.


Yep, just walk away from this one. Be careful of getting the same or similar offer from a “different” user as well.

thx for the advice :slight_smile:

Yeah, I was offered the same thing from the same guy over at YYN. I didn’t think much of it as I really wasn’t interested. Good to know, I’ll keep an eye out for him.

I got the same offer as well. also, not interested but good to know he’s being watched. Good Heads up.

This is a good example of how a poorly constructed BST thread should warn you to err on the side of caution when dealing with people. Seeing the thread itself I personally would never have considered dealing with him. Just keep on your toes people, and excellent usage of your resources, johnny_le1494

thank you very much for those kind words. I try my best to be a good role model in the forums.

yoyoman99 and his alternate account were dealt with a few days ago.

Johnny, you are a Complete Guinuse. I probably would have never figured that all out, Unless I looked at the persons page that just gave him posotive feedback, even though he didnt really trade with “That guy”. :wink:
Johnny is the New Sherlock Homes of the Forum! :smiley:

more information has been added to the original post. please be careful and keep on a look out for more scammers

So to summarize, here’s the known aliases so far: yoyoman99, zc1957, msyoyo, ricestacked (latest I’ve seen elsewhere)

great summarization.

Could he just be IP banned? (I think that’s what its called.) So, he can’t make all these accounts.

He was but he can get around that if he’s smart.

No, he’s not smart, he’s just on a dhcp domain that changes frequently.

Wow. He took the name from my organization. Anyway, glad this guy got dealt w/.