Beware of yoyorandom123

yoyorandom123 seems like a scam account or at least an untrustworthy one. He has multiple accounts on the YYE forums all linked to the same or similar emails and he is giving himself feedback from all of these accounts. Do not trust the feedback he has. I was once in a transaction with him (on another account to preserve my secrecy and safety) and he was unkind and very impolite. Think hard before trading. I’m not saying he is a scam, he just has shown some sketchy behavior.

Your first sentence is stating that yoyorandom123 a scam account. So which is it? Impoliteness doesn’t mean he is a scammer.

So, you have multiple accounts?

I do, yes. I think that is ok? I don’t give myself feedback with them though, and he has been known to have more than one. If it isn’t complying with forum rules I will gladly take this account down ;D ;D ;D

Sorry I typed that wrong. He seems like a scammer. Just a warning

Well, it’s one of those funny things, multiple accounts on the same IP address, with one account giving the other feedback. When questioned about it, the answer was to the effect, “Oh, that’s my little brother.” I don’t know how many times I’ve seen that one. As I noted in his BST post, make the guy ship first or no deal.

Ummm, NO it’s not. I’ll be contacting you via PM to discuss this.