Give this guy a Bump. I’ve dealt with him, as a matter of fact that KLR used to be mine!
It was among the first ones made.

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Well, oldedges gave you a good recommendation, so that’s a plus, because he’s a very well respected member. But I reported you to the mods because you had an account where the 3 positive feedbacks were given by accounts that were all created on the same day and had zero posts (I think one account had one post). And the following thread by the moderator indicates you gave yourself feedback from one of those accounts.,69899.0.html

Also your BST made with the nathanrockz account straight up said “I won’t ship first”. Between those things, you seemed seriously fishy. You want to get all bent for that, it’s your right. But, it’s also our right to protect ourselves. Scammers aren’t a rarity on the BSTs unfortunately. Sorry if that bugs you, but that’s the reality, and copping an attitude about it isn’t really helping your cause. I hope the rest of your experiences on the YYE boards are positive ones.


Also, I would like to add he will only take GIFT payments.

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Actions have consequences, good or bad.
You are angry with people “bagging on you” but you fail to see that it is a natural consequence of your past actions. You chose to give yourself feedback and that looks bad. You may be sorry but the tone of your posts suggest other wise. You are angry with people for not trusting you, and saying so, when you taught them not to trust you! If you want to be treated differently you must begin teaching us all something else, that you have changed. That takes time.

Maybe if you hadn’t balanced the hints of remorse with the shouts of anger many would view this differently. However, we need to acknowledge mistakes, do what we can to correct them, and on occassion show some remorse. Yes, you have said you have put your anger aside but the tone of your posts suggests something different.

If you feel that people here are “bagging” on you, that you are the victim, and you are only here to sell your yoyos, maybe you should consider e-bay.

I hope you can take something positive away from all of this. Life has some tough lessons on occassion.

I believe with oldedges having indicated a postive transaction and MikeEff having indicated the need for caution, we can move forward. Let’s refrain from posting comments in this thread and return to the op bumping it per day.

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Do you got any cheaper yoyos for a yomega dash