Nathanrockz will scam you!

Don’t fall for nathanrockz offers. He highballed me 50 bucks for a t5 and n12. His profile was created soon before this with one feedback and he says he won’t ship first. Even his yoyo nation account is scretchy. Don’t fall for this! I almost did but I knew it was too good to be true. I hate people like this.

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It’s already been brought up in his BST thread

I’ve already reported him to the mods. They’re on it. Thanks for the warning though.

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I like his style. Posted in General where it will get the most views. :smiley: It’s times like these, that I can dig it. :wink:

Man I had to do something to warn people! I’m glad it’s being taken care of though! But thought he deserved this. When I PM’d him telling him I was on to him. He told me to look him up before calling him a thief. XD I did that’s how I found out! haha theennn he called me a second rate fruit cup hahaha I was craacking up.

This is really something that should be in the Trader’s Feedback forum.

haha guys check out the bad feedback he gave me hhahahaha

oh and he said he has multiple accounts so watch out.

It looks like this is his only other account at the moment:;u=29918

This situation is, indeed, being pursued backchannel.

Awesome, glad it is. I’m gonna just let it be at this point.