nathanrockz (Nathan Costa) - AVOID

Don’t trade with this guy - bad news…

Goes by:
nathanrockz, email
General-yoyoer, email
jaketime77, email

Multiple accounts, gave himself feedback from one, nasty to a couple of members regarding trades, and generally doesn’t play nice with others.

He say’s he’s turning a new leaf so I’m willing to let him show what he can do. His new username is 7Darkjester7.,71777.0.html

hmm that’s odd cause nathanrockz is usually a great guy on the forum but i guess trades aren’t alaways the best.

WOW! I have seen two of those names before.

You must be thinking of someone else. This guy has joined as nathanrockz in late November and has a total of 5 posts, all of which are in BST.

Way to go, Nathan. Sullying a good name.

Hmm, haha.

And Abby, your thinking or Northstarrocks probably…

I agree i did rage at moderator so sorry about that but i never scammed anybody and me ruining the name Nathan that was really hurtful man thanks for that think before you speak