Heads up - Chknstrps is yoyo2911

Just a heads up - yoyo2911 deleted his account awhile back due to a number of bad trades and subsequent negative feedback. He is back as Chknstrps.

Thanks for the heads up!

Spread the word.


Jhb, are you a detective?

No, he just has super human mod powers! (No joke!)

i am but i did send all the money back from the bad trades and i will ship first if someone makes a trade with me

Normally, but I had a tip from an anonymous friend on this one.

Sounds fair enough.

okay but if anyone has negative or nuetral then idk how i will do tht

Sounds like you shouldn’t trade with them then.

your right

I am surprised that your not banned from the bst.

Side note, love the name Chknstrps

I love to watch chickens strip, no other bird can beat their little performances.

thanks nardcopter i actually got it from alec campbell the colorway he has