Crazydude, RockSTARyoyos et al

It’s been about two weeks since I made a deal with a user by the name of “Crazydude”. He seemed nice enough, had a little feedback, sent me an e-bay profile link of the same name with a lot of feedback, I was fooled. I was to ship first, provide him with a tracking number, and then he was going to paypal me the expected amount. As soon as I provided him with the tracking number he kept saying that he had to take extra shifts and couldn’t get home to send me the money. After a while, he just ignored me all together and deleted his YYE account so I can’t send him messages. I don’t know if I can give out the address he gave me, so I won’t, but watch out.

He didn’t delete the account. It was banned because it was a multiple account used by someone else.
I’ve given someguy the account name to contact about this.

aka - Crazydude, YoLaTengo, L, David Young, yoyofreak5000, The Real Jensen Hartford

All have been banned.