Burned by yoyoxxxpert...

Don’t you hate those deals that just don’t go through and you can’t even get the satisfaction of knowing what happened? I wasn’t sure if I had waited long enough to post this, but I believe 2 weeks is long enough. I had purchased, yes, PURCHASED, 6 yo-yos from this user, yoyoxxxpert, on June 10. I sent him a check (probably my first mistake) to the address he gave me. He said he would mail the yo-yos the same day. I PM’ed him to make sure he got the check. No reply… I wait a few days and PM him again. Nothing. It was then a week ago. I decide now to call the bank just to make sure it was cashed by the person who I had wrote the check to. Yes, it was cashed. Today is June 22, and the transaction was almost 2 weeks ago. Be careful who you transact with, especially yoyoxxxpert.

Ouch man…thanks for the warning.

Anytime! Is there anything I can do to make sure this person can’t do it again? (i.e. Press charges, egg their house, etc?)

Give them negative feedback.

You can always try looking up the address in the white pages to see if you can get a number and get in contact with them

I would be cautious when dealing with people trying “clever variants” on “yoyoexpert”. Throwing in a triple-X was a red flag when that guy first showed up on the radar, but since BST wasn’t an option I was going to explore with that individual, I was safe. They are also relatively new, registering on May 22, 2012, and here it is just over a month later. If you do look at his BST rating, Vegabomb gave this guy positive feedback, and vegabomb appears to be one of the respectable members here.

I have no issue with any of you guys calling me. Be aware I cal screen via voicemail though, so maybe sending me a text message might be better, including a request for a call back. I’ve had a call from two guys due to BST stuff. One call I did NOT return only because I was stuck o the stupid phone all day, so I replied via PM. I also think I provide my personal email address to nearly everyone I do a BST buy from.

Give the guy a BIT more time. Maybe a family emergency came up. Maybe his internet service got cut off

Making this thread is a good start as is leaving feedback, unfortunatly unless you made a multimillion dollar deal, the feds wrong take you seriously when you report mail fraud. If you haven’t already you may want to contact one of the mods ty o see if any more action within the forums is needed.

I thought the same, but I saw that vegabomb being a moderator traded with this individual, therefore it should have been safe, or at least was credible. So I guess I can wait some more until I see something fishy pop up from his account.

Yes I realized that. Unfortunately the cash I lost is enough to hurt. So you recommend PM’ing the moderator for the B/S/T?

Yes I realized that. Unfortunately the cash I lost is enough to hurt. So you recommend PM’ing the moderator for the B/S/T?
Yeah I would contact mgodinez and possibly vegabomb too since he traded with him. Maybe one of them could help you.

Never a bad idea to contact members that have left feedback prior to completing a deal when the selling/trading member has a lower feedback score. Also check what the feedback was left for. My deal with this individual was a purchase. He agreed to ship prior to receiving payment.

Hope this ends up working out for you.

Some of you may remember my thread about this guy and how he scammed me two months ago. I wanted to post a new topic just so I can get the maximum audience possible aware if he comes back under a new name. Watch out for anyone who wants to trade or sell an HSpin Water Lily or Juvenile Offender in particular. I was burned out of 110 dollars because of this person. I want to ensure nobody else has to deal with the pain of losing that kind of money and getting nothing in return, especially when money’s not so easy to come by anymore.

Woah! Lets not get too crazy

sigh You’re an idiot. Look at the date of this post.

So? Sheesh just some humor(tough crowd). I hope things worked out for him.

No, it’s not a tough “crowd”, that was just senseless humor no one wants to hear.

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