Dont buy from this guy at ebay!

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Maybe some of you read my topic here:,38132.0.html

I traded with some guy, than I didnt get my yoyo or any response for past 6 months. AND NOW HE IS SELLING YOYO I SHOULD HAVE ON EBAY!!

Same user name and it looks like Overdrive he offered in our trade.

Please dont buy anything from this fraudster!

Also is there some way how to report this to ebay?

PS: Sorry to mods if this post should be in different forum, but I want to show this to most people.

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Also here on YYE he goes with second account with name destroika.;u=22033


You can go on Ebay and send a message to seller and ask why hes selling it and there is a button on his listing page were you can report seller and let them know you purchased the yoyo on a different site and he is refusing to give it to you and ask if their is anything they can do about it but honestly I don’t know if they can because it was not a Ebay deal. How do they know if what you say is true. Not saying it isn’t, but from ebays prospective He has 5 good ratings. One might think there faked but I know one is the maker of terrapin so there good ratings. I hope you get your yoyo.

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That was a very long first sentence… :stuck_out_tongue:

Like ghost said, send him a message. I doubt you’ll be able to make a claim through eBay. If you made your previous payment through PayPal, however, you should be able to get your money back from the seller through them… PayPal are very good in this respect…


But he said it has been six months. PayPal will only help within 45 days.


Holy run on sentences from beyond the grave with sugar and caffeine inducing monster can properties in the waking hours of the morning dew mist gently resting on a flower pedals tip hogheg!!!

I’m just playin’. I did write it this morning drinking a monster. Maybe that was it? Lol.

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It was trade.


trade, buy, its all the same. Think of it this way, your yoyo was the money. he failed to deliver the goods. So sad. Thats why bst has its risks. thanks for letting us know hes not safe.


Either way, trading and buying/selling internationally has even more risks, such as getting lost in the mail and additional inconveniences. Getting lost in the mail is just a risk of shipping. The additional inconveniences aren’t that bad, another form to fill out, waiting in line, extra postage, doing stuff at the counter, it’s not that big of a deal.

Plus, not to hit home but I’ve found dealing with the Czech Republic from a postal/shipping point of view to be a major pain in the butt. It’s like I gotta pay a major fine to deal with shipping to or from. However, do keep in mind in my case, I was dealing with getting an electronics panel that only weight 2kilos from a company there to go in my Czech made speakers(KV2 Audio, AWESOME stuff. I love this gear!) to replace a failed one. Shipping to get it to me in a month: $650. Comparison: Overnighted the same board via UPS next day since their new US distributor finally got some: $70.

Even so, this one reeks of scam and being ripped off. Sorry to hear about it.


I get my vinyl records pressed in the Czech Republic.

Cheap and lightning fast shipping! No problems so far (knock on wood)

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I hate him, he still owns me that Overdrive, but is still selling items on ebay!


don’t hate him, he’s the one with the crappy life, he’s the one who’ll get in trouble at some point, he’s the one who’s gonna have regrets. I pity those because they’re letting their life go to waste, they can not see themselves in the mirror in the morning and honestly say “I am a good person”.

really, there’s no need for hate. it’s just a yoyo for you, you’ll get another one, you’ll get over it, for him, it’s his life that’s going down the toilet. I’m sure you’d still rather be yourself in the end, with one less yoyo, than being him with nothing but stolen throws, probably no true friends, most likely crappy parents, and a future as a prison inmate, getting love from white supremacists.

Please remember to watch the profanity as this is an all ages forum. Thanks. :slight_smile:



Bid up his auction and make it a pain for him to sell your yo yo. Just make sure that you win.


That sucks frantisek. I’m sorry this happened to you.
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why not buy it and then report to paypal that you never received it?


I am guessing that Bina just wants to whine about something, because I sent him a PM. In the PM, I asked him to send me the mailing information:name, address, priority number, etc. I told him that I would see ‘what I could do’ for him.

I am not always successful, but I have ‘a way’ of getting people to realize that not doing the right think can be a very very bad thing.

But if Bina doesn’t get back to me with this information, then I don’t really have any chance of forming a solution to his situation.

So … from this point on; if he posts more ‘I hate the guy’ stuff before he gets back to me, then I will just conclude that he just wants to sing a sad song; hahahaha.

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Yoyodoc: I was busy with University work, just send you all information over PM.

I was trying in past months all what I can. Reporting his items on ebay, writing many emails to him, trying to find some people that know him. Nothing helped, so now just warning other people is all I can do.

About bidding on his items, I’m afraid that can just get me into more problems.


I’m sorry you had a bad experience with him, but I just had a flawless purchase from him on ebay (not with the yoyo you were talking about). He gave feedback and tracking. Not a single problem, and everything was as described.

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I’m happy that you get your yo-yo, it doesnt change that he stole mine and can possibly do it again with someone else.

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Darn. I was wantin’ to bid on that E=Mc^2 he has up, too.