Hear ye hear ye! 7darkjester7


There was a recent issue I had with 7darkjester7. Many of you are aware of it. I bought a yoyo from him and a few days later he deleted his profile. Having not heard from him or receiving the yoyo, I had no choice but make a claim with paypal.
Today I received the yoyo and the claim has been canceled.
It took over 2 weeks and deleting a profile during a period of pending business is in bad form, but he did make good on the deal
Thanks you



So I was doing a trade with 7darkjester7 one months ago. I was sending the yoyo first, after e receive the yoyo, he delete his profile. He gives me his email to send my address to him, I sent, and he said he shipped the yoyo, but after three weeks later, I still haven’t receive the yoyo. (I lived in USA, not HK now) And I am not sure what I should do now.


This guy seems to have a track record of questionable trading practices but if he stays true to form, you’ll get your throws. Eventually.



I hope so.


This was previously true, however he left these forums in a rather dramatic style this time:

So I doubt he’ll be as concerned about getting out the overdue yoyos as he previously was. After all he doesn’t really have anything to lose at this point since his reputation is already in tatters and I’m sure he’s IP banned after that outburst at the mods.

I hope you get your yoyo Mankey_Matt, but if you hear nothing within the next few weeks I’d be filing a paypal claim, if possible.


Yep, I don’t think he has any intention of squaring up the deals.


I’d completely forgotten about that little temper tantrum. Unfortunately, it sounds like Mankey_matt’s case was a trade rather than a purchase (at least that’s what I get from his previous post) so a paypal claim doesn’t appear to be an option at this point in time.



I have no doubt that the only reason I received the yo was because I locked up his paypal. He tried pretty hard to get me to unlock it before the the throw was shipped. He did directly lie telling me it had been shipped.


How long does a yoyo usually take to ship? Because I don’t think it will took so long. I tried to connect him but he haven’t respond. :frowning:


Bout a week
week nda half


Once it’s in the mail it take about three days in the USA.


Alright it’s been over a month and I still haven’t receive my yoyo. I tried to connect him, but he didn’t respond, I doubt he had shipped the yoyo. Does anyone know him in person? Thanks