Don't deal with Jamoha98

I messaged Jamoha98 about his project2 for sale here:,40846.0.html

And I get a response
“let me hold off on that i need to double check something and ill message you again”
So I respond
“I withdraw my offer then, don’t post something you aren’t ready to sell”
and i get this smart *** response
“dont even get started with me, ive went through too much crap to be ----- by you i dont care that you dont want my yoyo, if you’ve realized, other things happen that arent around you and there are complications to everything so go ---- yourself”

And this kid keeps bumping his thread,--------

Mod edit - Watch the profanity please.


i was going to "thank you’’ this post but i couldnt find it ;D

everyone has bad days. he may have been a little over the line here, but I have dealed with him and everything went smoothly. I wouldn’t attempt to slander someone’s name due to a harsh response.

While I completely sympathize for you and his response was blatantly inappropriate, I agree that an angry response is not a basis for slandering someone’s reputation on the forums. Maybe he’s not that nice, but it does not necessarily indicate any intentions to scam anyone.

inappropriate response but he’s legit, I’ve traded with him another forum multiple times, good trader, probably had a bad day

I just wanted to share, judge as you will, all the facts are there.

there’s no facts there stating he is a bad trader or scam anyone whatsoever. he IS a good trader, and I think you should modify this thread, or get it deleted.

im angry so just think about that you dont need to be all mean about it bye

saying dont trade with me is also infantile, just because I used some sailor language doesn’t mean you need to say im a bad trader, I have 72 positive feedback on another forum… Please rephrase your words, If you said I was rude that would have been fine but saying dont trade with me because of that is just WEAK

And also im all for good manners and all, but im a little off today so I’m Sorry hope you have an awesome life ! and also i dont know who keeps bumping my thread, ill pm whoever it is about it.

And also what “formula” Said to me was insulting as well, just insulting me because I told him i’d have to double check something and then he just says “aah im not going to deal with you because you dont have your mind made up” Thats just mean and it really ticked me off and i didnt even care about selling the yoyo
Just trying to fix my rep


jamoha98 - refrain from berating people with obscenities. If we hear another report of this, you will receive a vacation from the forum. Also, you’re really not helping yourself by repeatedly posting in this thread. If you have an issue with someone, it’s almost always better to try to handle it backchannel, and then, if you need to defend yourself, make a single post about it.

Formula - the next time something like this happens, please report the message. Also, there is no need to post negative messages in someone’s BST unless scamming is going on, in which case you should also report the thread. Making a thread like this was more than sufficient to convey your concerns.