clyw1 : mixed opinions


So…I traded with him back in late July …I traded him my werrd 4xl with stacks, a styy singularity, and a yyj xconvict. I told him each of their conditions exactly as they were. He said he would trade me a mint wasabi and some cash. I said okay. Problem is, when I got the wasabi …it had two decent anno breaks, the response had been loose, and the bearng was fairly responsive. No cash …he swore he would send the cash soon and he was sorry. I believed him, and gave him good feedback…now I am angry. I have waited so long fothat cash…in all honesty…I would gladly take my werrd and xconvict back and give back his wasabi. It is now October…he has not held up his end of the bargain. I really just want my werrd 4 XL back, to be honest. I will gladly give him back the wasabi…he lied to me . My.yoyos were well worth more than his…I feel stupid and cheated. Do not trade with him. He is not trustworthy.


He seemed pretty sketchy to me.


Even funnier is the fact he did a how not to be scammed post…I am very upset…and thr weird thong is, our first trade he was honest with me…that’s why I figured I could trust him the second time.


Unfair. I hope you get some resolution.


Idk if he listed his age, but when I tried to deal with him, he used atrocious grammar and eventually just backed out without telling me so I assume he’s a pretty young kid.


He’s 14, same age as me.


By that logic you are not to be trusted.

Please show yourself out.


If you were smart, you would have gotten my logic. I’m saying I’m 14, I can handle a trade better than most people out there, but then there are those who just give us “kids” bad rep as traders.


He was joking dude, lol.

I’m 14 as well.


I think he was kidding.


Haha I was. Didn’t mean ta offend ya, Wes :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s kinda hard to interpret sarcasm on the internet.


We should make a sarcasm emoticon…I propose @)




I propose that be put on one of the spam threads …I’m quite serious. I still have no clue what to do. All I am waiting for is 25 dollars…is it really that hard?


Same thing happened with me. I think as a future frame for reference, don’t deal with someone that doesn’t know how to form a correct sentence.

You should probably get a moderator involved.


im 13 and i might not be the best trader, but ill always keep my word. i can handle the pressure lf a trade. if your not able to keep your word, you shouldnt use the BST. its buy sell trade, not scam scam scam. really hope you get the $25, doesnt seem like too much to ask!


Well…Seeing as this had gone on for a while…I may sound dumb asking this…But which mod would I ask? I am quite dumb when it comes to mods…so, yeah, who do I ask?


When you click on the “Traders Feedback”, it looks like this

Traders Feedback
A place for trading feedback discussion
Moderators: mrcnja, mgodinez, jhb8426

So I’d just go with one of the three that moderate this section


Thank you, preinfalk.