WARNING: CLYWcollector & Addicted2yoyo.


CLYWcollector has been exhibiting extremely sketchy behavior in trying to negotiate a trade. I warn anyone to be careful if he offers you any yoyos as he may be scamming you.

Here’s what happened between us: He offered me an Avalanche for my Majesty and I accepted. Since we both live in SoCal he suggested we meet up but I told him I’d rather trade through the mail. He accepted and we exchanged addresses. Since he has only 1 feedback I told him to ship first, and he once again accepted telling me he would ship the very same day (this all happened on Friday night/Saturday morning). I messaged him on Sunday evening asking him if he shipped the yoyo, and this is where the shady behavior began. I could see he was online and I even saw that his “last active” was just a few minutes after I messaged him. After a few more hours of no response and seeing that he’d been online many times throughout the day (as the last active changed to later and later times), I asked him if he saw my message. I told him if he wanted to back out of the trade it was okay and to just let me know but he still ignored me. Yesterday evening I received a reply from him in which all he said was “Ya.” I asked him if this meant he shipped it or if he wanted to back out and I still didn’t receive a reply. This morning I could see that he was online with the “Last Active” being just a few minutes before I checked, so I messaged him letting him know I’d post on the forum warning everyone about how he may be a scammer. He responded within minutes saying “Ok go ahead my computer had been down” which is utter nonsense because I could see his activity throughout the past few days.

CLYWcollector has still yet to respond to any of my messages. I’m very glad I didn’t ship to him as this could have ended much worse. I warn anyone who is dealing with him to be very cautious because he is exhibiting terrible trading skills and very poor communication.

Mod edit - AKA Addicted2yoyo.


Honestly, I could see him being more like a 5 year old than a scammer. Scammers don’t usually ask for free stuff like him, or act a ‘dumb’ as he does. Example shown here.




I completely agree when considering his command of English based on one of these early messages he sent me: Yes but can u please teach me cuz I want to be good and fast please please I beg u

Maybe he’s not mature enough to handle trading on forums, but I would appreciate a proper reply from him just so I can be sure what’s going on before I offer my yoyo to others.


Demand that he ships first.

Also, he is probably lying about the condition of his Avalanche.


Yeah I did, but I’m not even sure if he’s shipping. I just want him to tell me it’s over so I don’t show up with an Avalanche in my mailbox with no Majesty to ship to him.

Check this out. He’s a real class act, ladies and gentleman.


Okay so I am this guys only feedback on the forums, he responded fast to me. But like Samad said he also demanded we ship on the same day and since he had no feedback I told him to was the rules for him to ship first but he replied saying:

So I said fine whatever we can ship the same day. So I had shipped out my end of the deal and expected him to do the same on the same day but he ended up shipping a day after I shipped mine.

So I also told him to ship with a tracking number because I ship with tracking numbers and he said that would be no problem at all. So the day he shipped I asked him for the tracking number and he replied saying:

Which I found dumb because they always have an option for tracking.

So it had been a week and a half he got my end of the deal and I got his two days later. So when I opened the box there was nothing protecting it at all just threw the Chief in it’s box in there with some string. It didn’t do any damage but still.

This is the part that kinda made me mad, before I go any further I just wanted to say this trade was for my Non-Mint Gnarwhal for his Non-Mint 7075 Chief. Okay before this whole deal had happened I asked how bad the damage, how many marks and all of that and he said this:

So I open the throw it doesn’t have 3 marks it has 8 marks! And to top it off has slight vibe…

All in all it was probably one of my worst trades, I still gave him positive feedback because it was a good deal and he responded pretty quickly.


I guess you have your answer, you can trade your majesty away :slight_smile:


Just an FYI - this guy has 4 accounts, and we’re on to him…

AKA: XxCLYWxX, CLYWcollecter, Kingyoyo12, Addicted2yoyo


NEVER leave positive feedback when something was misrepresented. I know your intentions were good but it can result in many worse trading experiences with other people, who used this positive feedback as a reference.

Unless you can work it out, of course.


Just an FYI - he just asked that CLYWcollecter be deleted.
It will be banned, NOT deleted…


I thought I had an incredible command of English. I was obviously wrong.


Haha, glad to hear it! Considering how his last message to me was “Cool nice story want to tell it again ahahaha trollollolololol ahahahahanahaha trollollolololol” I’m glad he’s getting what he deserves.

(mint) #14

I had a strange encounter with CLYWcollecter too. This was perhaps the oddest thing that has ever happened to me on the forums. He offered me a 1st run avalanche for my Marmot, I declined. My Marmot was on there for 110 btw. Then he offered me 90 bucks and the avalanche, which is a REALLY good deal. The deal was already sketchy, but this is when things really started to get strange. He said he could not do paypal, only cash. He said he would include the 90 cash in the box the avalanche. On top of that already being WAY TOO SUSPICIOUS, he wanted us to ship at the same time, and he had ZERO feed back! I told him that he has to ship first, cause he does not have any feed back, he said he would ship next day. Never shipped, and stopped responding to any of my PM’s.

If a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is.


Why don’t u ever answer my PMS :frowning:


Ya this kid annoyed the crap out of me but luckily that was the extent of our dealings. He had terrible grammar. I dont mind misspelled words but at least make your sentences make sense. I also noticed he had a habit of posting in EVERYBODY’S bst asking questions that could of been easily answered in a pm like the rest of us do. The thing that bugged me the most though is he would offer to buy stuff then minutes later say oh nevermind I can’t afford it. I have had to back out of a couple buys because I ran into unexpected money issues but for the most part I fallow threw with what I say. He would say oh would you take xxx for this yoyo and that combined. I said sure then he would be like oh nevermind I can’t afford it. WHY EVEN THROW OUT A OFFER IF YOU KNOW YOU WONT BE ABLE TO PAY. He wasted my time with 3 different yoyos but at least it was just time wasted not me losing a yoyo.

Unfortunately I have lost faith in most on the bst so I tend to ether only sell or deal with a hand full of people that I know are good guys. No offense but I seem to run into a lot of problems with teenagers on here (and if your a responsible mature teen this doesn’t mean you) that lie about damage, dont do what they say, make excuses about why they didn’t do what they say and lastly they make you out to be unreasonable for expecting honesty and integrity.

Glad you didn’t lose your yoyo and also that he is banned. Hopefully he can’t come back on here anymore and the modders can weed out the rest of the dishonest immature people because at one time I really enjoyed the bst. Not so much now :frowning:


I too had a strange encounter with CLYWcollector. He offered me a MIB Superstar for a plastic which made me very suspicious. When I asked for pics to see if he was legit or not he sent me a picture of the superstar that’s from the yye shop (so its basically not in his possession) and said its because he doesn’t have his camera with him or whatever. He sends me another pm saying that he will take some pics with his dad’s camera and then he doesn’t send me any more pms until a day later when he totally forgets about offering a superstar and gives two bad offers for my puffin.

Anyway, glad that this issue was resolves and no one was scammed.


Also a good rule of thumb when dealing with someone. If your working out a deal and out of nowhere they say you can trust me dude I would never scam anybody… RUN. its one thing if we are talking about the risks of the bst but if the persons opening pm is “hey wanna trade your X for my Y dont worry im not a scammer” run away.
Its like the person who tells racist jokes but right before they gotta say im not racist but… lol. Seriously all the people who have given me weird vibes always bring up scamming like that’s what’s on there mind so they need to try hard not to seem like they want to scam you. I have worked in lost prevention and even though with the internet its harder to judge people you still have red flags that pop up saying HEY WAIT A MINUTE this doesn’t seem right. Weather you listen to them or watch for the signs is up to you.


Sorry, would you rate the a neutral or straight up negative. Once again I’m sorry.


OK - here’s the deal. I’ve been in contact with this guy. He’s very young and too anxious to make deals. He doesn’t have his parents permission to do trades and they get squashed when his parents discover them. He’s not trying to scam anyone, just very inexperienced and immature. My advice to him was to not make any deals until his parents approve and he’s mature enough to carry them through reliably.

After some discussion he and I agreed that XxCLYWxX, CLYWcollecter, Kingyoyo12 would be banned. he will remain an active member as Addicted2yoyo.

Just don’t do any deals with this guy in the near term.

And please do not harass him over this.