Trade/Sell ~20+ CLYW,OD, MF,2 diff 1/1 888s. LF: Chief, Ilyy, Clyw, g2, make me an offer ANYTHING!

To deal w things I will send first you can send after you get tracking or the yoyo, I do not do paypal, will have to be $ in mail after yoyo is recieved add $5 for shipping, international I’m not sure yet.
Add $5 for shipping iits $7.50 I’ll ship in 1/3

**So the for phone offers, my dad bought me an LG Stylo 5 w a 6.1in screen I’m excited, it’s stat wise better than the Galaxy Note 8+ **

New ILYYs esp candyblast (Not overpriced)
A damaged or cheaper bi metal I don’t have to worry about dinging $50-60 trade range maybe or less

non raw Draupnir, Overdrive Draupnir, Other Exotic bimetals must be smooth

chiefs esp 1st Run, 7075 Hulk Smash that is actually chief smooth (owned 2 bad ones). Petr Kavka “67.5 g 'whale chief, it’s pink w grayish sp!ash?” Any cool Chief

Akita, will trade well, prefer splash. Igloo other bimetal CLYWs but Akita the most.

Newer Cheaper CLYWs(~$40-50ish $60mint): Puffin 3, Dune, B Grades too esp smooth!

Cheaper YYF s: MVP3, Horizon, Aviator 2, Shutter Wide Angle, Space Cowboy.

2010,2020 Noctu!!!

Trades I can profit from honesty.

I’m must putting $ amounts bc that’s what I think they are worth trade wise

Werrd Tre 2013: Mint plays Unique: $65
Alien Galaxy Shutter Original 2 scuffs: gone
Pink Czm8 Proto: 7-10 little Pinpricks: $30
Senza Nome needs new pads, more for collectors, few marks: gone
Custom Ano Y-Factor: 1 tiny mark: $80
Rally: No marks i see: $30
Custom powder coated “Sprinkles Code 2” : 100 Avant Garde 2 White Powdercoat, some pinpricks but has to do w finish: if trade doesn't work out *treatmenttraded
Rockerfeller: 1-2 pinpricks I can’t ever find but want to state it: $70

Sine//Saw: ano marks plays like a Chief. Red $40

In middle:

888x: Sanded Rims, comes with Hubstacks and Z stacks: 50 Speedaholic: tradedemphasized text**
Yyj Classic: $10
Code 2: scratches none can be felt well played: $40, $45 w Brass Done SEa
2013 Benchmark H: 1 ding that is very deep can cut someone other than that few marks: $25 (not selling a brass domes too dangerous)

**added Pink chm8 proto about 5-7 small marks smooth $30 rather trade for shutter or horizon or mvp3! **

Too Row: 4 ILYYs:

C Grade E1ns: nft/S it wobbles and isn’t a good Yoyo
Canflon .E1ns: They did this as an experiment, I think only 10ish were made, it’s more for the collection, plays a little better than the C grade, B Grades for sure but there’s only 10: $75

09 Mary: They put schmoove rings on this throw which is extremely unique, nm 2 very small pricks Would rather trade for a CLYW or $90

Phase: 1/20: it’s Teflon Coated according to ilyys site. Extremely smooth marks on a lot of the ring surface, amazing and unique. Won’t be able to find another CLYW trade or $100

1/1 Hardcoat 08 888, 1 ding. Working on a deal with this. ($150)
Jack Rabbit AC1 FG: Prob the best playing CLYW I have tbh, 2 tiny marks also it’s the lighter run, diff ACs weigh diff like chiefs do. This one weighs 65.5g while the Berry Berry weighs 67.5grams. $80

Jacl.Rabbit AC2 Mint: Want to keep w AC1 but $120, $180 for both.

WM2: Aurora Borealis?: Mint: $125

Fury: it vibes and has marks on in but its a Candyblast ILYY, $70

AC2: Confetti: $120 (trade for a Chief)

Ape-X: $100



Proceed with caution with this user. According to @bigbs_domain - “He’s been taken off FB bst the shutter and nome in these pictures have been bought and he never sent them to the recipients”


That was from 6 years ago and I was probably in the process not moving my entire family a my single mom. I still have it im shipping it sometimebthisnweek.

Was in the hospital got out a few days ago didn’t wanna say why but its a prostate problem so I see why I would be embarassed.

I’ll ship first if you are skeptical of you ship when you get the tracking #, but I have made over a hundred good trades. I apologize I forgot about 2 in a hectic part in my life im making up for it.

Garrett please report on positive and what I do when I do ship and keep my word too. Thanks

Senza and shutter are packed waiting on $ to ship, which I’m selling smth on C L

Would not deal with, didn’t even want to comment but don’t want to have people deal with this either


Give me a few guys esp you Eric. I am in the middle of moving and ending a 6 hear relationship means I’m broke j8st waitibg for the $20 to ship these. They are packed give me till bext week.

I also wrote a sorry note and included another throw for my errors. You guys forget I was in treatment one time

You guys will be happy to know not eother of them were thrown since so no additional damage. Hope when you get your package you don’t have to forgive me but I will send first abd only trade w $20 I can allowcate to shipping

You will get them

It’s been 10+ days and you haven’t shipped yet?

Seems super sketchy to me.


tell ya what, i’d pay for the d@mn shipping label if we didn’t have to see the bate’s motel mattress background pics anymore :man_facepalming:


there are SO many red flags here…

Wait…so it’s been 6 years and you’re just now claiming you’re going to ship it??

OMG…SOOOO many excuses on why you can’t ship things out.

Can you name some of the people you’ve traded with? With so many trades, what kind of response do you think I’d get if I asked for a rep check on you over on facebook?

But you haven’t kept your word. And you haven’t shipped yet!

And I bet next week you’ll have even more excuses.

I’m sorry man, but too many things seem wrong here and I hope no one trusts in you. I’d hate to see anyone on these forums get scammed by you.


Not that hard to run down to the post office I have been sick and going to work and just got people’s stuff out walking in 50mph winds so there really ain’t an excuse bro


Not a trade, but I bought something from him. A yoyo I’d been searching for a long time for. He offered up front to send it to me then I send him the money after I received it. I received it in a few days, and sent him the money. So if there is something you want here just have him send it first before you pay.


That’s good to know. Thanks @AaronW

…something about this whole thing still feels ‘off’ to me though.
Having a friend get scammed on these forums last month has left me a bit grumpy on these sorts of things.


Reading through this thread I can understand completely



just curious how he’s going to sell something and ship first if he doesn’t have money to ship the last thing that’s hanging out there… just sayin’… ain’t hatin’


Prostate, embarrassed!!! Man all of us guys have one. Just know that it’s gonna turn around and bite you sometime. Nothing embarrassing about it.


FYI. We are currently working out a deal on a yoyo as well. He has agreed to send it first if I send him cash back. I’m cool with that. I’ll provide tracking and what not on his cash. Everyone has a past, let’s see if this fella really wants to make it up.


A single mom with a prostate? Huh?


Who said anything about a single mom???

GUYS as in male guys…

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