LTB: Floral Denim CLYW 5 panel- Get at Me.

I EXPECT any one who sends me a pm or offer, to use COMPLETE, FULL SENTENCES, AND NO TEXTING TALK. This means talk to me like a human, and not “can u trad ur _____ for my _____ plz.” The occasional “lol” is ok, but when I can’t even understand what your saying, I won’t even respond. This goes with if we trade numbers and continue the conversation on texting. There MUST be a description of the condition of the yoyo to full, and a link to pictures or be able to text me pictures right away.

Shipping: I ship in flat rate boxes with tracking, and I EXPECT the same, NO Padded Envelopes, unless the yoyo is unscrewed, and the halfs are padded separately, and the “parts” (axel/bearing) are in a baggy. NO EXCEPTIONS. If you cant ship with a tracking number, but you still want to trade, then you ship and once I get the throw, il ship out. if you dont like it then tough.

I CAN ONLY SHIP IN USA Sorry to all international throwers!


GoPro, with head mount for POV if possible
CLYW Floral Denim Camp Hat

CLYW 1st run Pink acid wash/ blue speckle Ava, no engraving
Sleipnir-I miss my old one :/-HAS TO BE SMOOTH!
Beserker- must be smooth.
VSNYYC Sky Walker-no yo duh
CLYW Dragon Chief/1st run gold chief
CLYW Peak 1st or 2nd run only no FG
CODE 2 Black*
Dark Green YYF Superstar

Yellow Spike SE

Make an Offer!

Undersized Throws (Nothing Under 54 mm)


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