just a silly question…

ok, so sometimes i see people leave positive feedback for people and it says scammer or bad trade, why put the positive feedback if you got scammed?

I’ve never seen this. haha

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Prolly just a mistake. I’d report those feedbacks and have them changed to negative, or contact the person who submitted it so they can take care of it themselves.

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same here.

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Sometimes scammers will make fake accounts to post trader feedback to an account to make them look “legit”, and then they start scamming off BST.

In other instances, a legit seller/trader will have positive feedback and then have a problem and get negative feedback, and it may be so bad that someone cries scammer.

They probably just missed the little menu box where you select positive, negative or neutral, or they are so used to positive trades, they have just gotten in the habit of skipping that box. The default is positive.