pay attention to its_steve

I thought that everyone should just be aware if they were to trade with this user. He has 4 positive but 1 neutral and the comment for the neutral is about the same issue im dealing with. The problem is that he will not ship first even ehen he has lower feed back. The trade was all set but then he said that he didnt have the money to ship and that id havr to ship first or it would be a no deal. So just be careful if you are going to trade with him

I can understand that sometimes you don’t have the money to ship because it does happen, I have a 6 month old child and bills to pay so sometimes things come up and I don’t have the money I was supposed to have for shipping, but the difference is I have the feedback to back it up lol if you don’t have the feedback to back it up, there is no excuse, YOU ship FIRST unless otherwise stated in agreement.

My trading experience with him was not a good one… (I gave the neutral feedback)
If you have higher feedback do not ship first

I understand where hes comming from but in this enviornment it cant be done. Its the only form of liability we have

The easy way around this is just biting the bullet for a few trades until youve built up a solid reputation
(We all had to do it one point)

He asked me for shipping money too, I dont have a problem with him shipping with his own money but we had a deal a couple months ago then he dropped off the face of this forum now hes back. I told him he would need to ship first and getting $4 for first class shipping isnt that hard.

I wouldnt say hes shady or anything, but I wouldnt ship first, if he wants to trade with me, which looks like he told multipule people he would trade them, then he needs to ship first. I could see him asking diff people for shipping $ so they have to ship first making the multipul;e deals on the same yoyo, but lets not jump to conclusions because there isnt any evidence of that yet.

I would make him ship first, if he doesnt have the money then he shouldnt be offering to trade, thats my opinion, maybe PM people on their threads, but if you have your own thread you should have the means to ship them out, esp if its for trade! How else do you expect to TRADE if you cant pay to ship? 100% of my TRADES I have shipped with my own money, so there shouldnt be an exception.

This could be avoided if a rule was made that you had to be able to have to ship (or aquire the in a reasonable amount of time) or you couldnt post. I just dont like the idea of asking someone for shipping money, aka they have to go first, esp with neutral or bad feedback.

Frankly, my opinion is that if you can’t afford to pay to ship, you shouldn’t be dealing in the first place. This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t include shipping as part of the deal, but be prepared to pay it up front. That’s a cost of doing business.

It’s 5 dollars…

2 to 3 if you use first class.

Don’t use the BST if you can’t afford to ship.

Mow a lawn.

Steve is 13 I believe and he wants to take it safe. I would do the same thing.

Well, the rules state that the person with less feedback ship first. So Steve should have shipped first. The OP said Steve wanted him to ship first or it would be no deal. That’s not cool at all, especially if they had agreed on a shipping arrangement (i.e. both ship on the same day). And Steve’s reasoning makes little sense either. He doesn’t have the money to ship so the other guy should ship first? If Steve can’t afford to ship, he really shouldn’t be trading or making deals. Also, why would the OP ship his yoyo away to a person who says that they don’t have the means to fulfill their end of the trade? That’s a head scratcher for sure.

I think if you look at this closely, you wouldn’t do the same thing.

Then he needs to deal with the situation or not be trading here.

I had several deals fall through with the “I will ship first” and “can you send me money to ship first”. Never received anything or a follow up PM.

Reminds me of the saying; “we judge ourselves by our intentions and others by their actions”.

Steve isn’t special, he just comes off as selfish.

Maybe anyone who trades with him should require a signed note from his parent that he’s good for the trade if Steve boggles it.

I have to admit, that I don’t believe there is any monetary excuse not to ship. When I enter the buy sell trade, it is rare that I’m dealing with a personal friend of mine. Rarely is it even someone I even have an internet or social media conversation with on a regular basis. So, my view is generally that business is business. If a fellow trader was really my friend, I would call him on the phone and make a deal, instead of relying on some “feedback” system to gauge his trade etiquette.

I guess it’s just personalities that determine this, but if I was in the middle of a deal, and something came up in my personal life, I’d still follow through. I wouldn’t want to burden a person who is likely a complete stranger with my private personal matters. U.S.P.S. even picks up packages at your home these days, you can pay online and print a label to get a cheaper rate, and there are self service kiosks you can use at all hours to get things shipped in a timely fashion.

If people are having financial difficulties where they cannot ship, and they don’t have a little nest egg of a mere $5 in case something comes up, they should not be trading. Even if I didn’t want to collect bottles and cans, or I couldn’t find $5 worth of change after looking under the couch cushion, under the car seat, or in my coat pockets, it would be pretty sad if I couldn’t keep one friend to lend me that $5. If I didn’t have a savings account with at least $5 in it, I guarantee you that I would not be hanging out on YoyoExpert trying to get toys.

For that reason, I never take anyone serious who says they cannot ship. I wish people would stop making their personal matters an excuse in buy sell trade deals.

Thanks for the heads up on this one. :wink:

dang! preach it TA!

From what I’m reading, this is not the case, but sometimes things do happen. I was delayed on a trip home from out of town yesterday due to personal life issues, therefore I couldn’t ship 2 yoyos I sold over the weekend. Most people are pretty cool about things like this when there is a valid reason and you contact them in a timely manner to inform them of when you will be able to ship (I wouldn’t see any reason that shipping should be delayed more than one day) and follow through with it.

That being said, I agree with all above. If you are trading, have the money to ship. If you don’t, see if you can work out a trade that includes enough cash from the other party for shipping. I haven’t done any trades here, only buying and selling. This is based on the higher risk of trading because of foreseeable instances such as, “I’m 13 and don’t understand basic business/bartering principles.”

^ Something like that is fine, because it was a minor delay, you let the other party know specifically when you were going to ship, and you followed through without any further delay. It is rare on here that traders have the communication skills to do that and avoid problems. I find that communication skills are based on maturity, and age is not indicative of maturity. I definitely agree that trading is far more risky compared to buying and selling. I have zero trades under my belt. Well, some trading cards maybe. :-\

Right, it seems like communication is one of the biggest problem with these forums. If someone one and you’re online, reply. If a problem comes up, be honest.

I actually realized later after I posted that, that I do have one trade under my belt for throws and it worked out great for both of us because we both followed the deal, had timely responses and shipped promptly and on time. I did one or two trading card trades for string, but I wouldn’t count that as a risk as trading cards are freebies anyway.

i have 5 trades under my belt, i guess the risk did enter my head abit, but i do feedback research,to see whom has given them feedback, and then back track even more through the next layer of members, to figure out whom they have dealt with. IG i get like a good 8-10 members that are stand up peeps of the community ill trade.

I think gut instinct comes a lot into play as well. Regardless of what any of the feedback says, if your gut says yes/no you kinda gotta go with it.