please use common sense.


8)hello, I wanted to make this post to better inform people about when they are conducting a trade, and/or buying and selling a yo yo. I feel that there are many factor that people to not consider when using the BST forum and only consider one thing which is negative feedback.

I myself do have negative and if anyone would like to know, it was because I failed to communicate with the buyer of my yoyo and I also took the money I had gotten and used it before the buyer had received his yoyo. The reason for doing this was because I needed money at the time for financial reasons. I was not trying to scam him, but I do understand that the negative feedback was a valuable learning lesson and so now I have changed the way I conduct my trades and sales.

my main reason for writing this post was because I have almost conducted a sale for two of my yoyos, a monster and a token for $34 after some frustrating haggling. before we had struck a deal, the buyer requested that I send the yoyos to him first, and then he will pay me. he then told me about how I have one negative feedback. this instantly irritated me, because even though he had not negative feedback, I still have more net positive feedback then he did ( my 11 to his 8 ) I have be registered and been using this forum for 3 more years then he did, and I had about 3 times as many posts as he did. after arguing and bickering back and forth I finally said “If you are not going to send the money first, then I am not going to sell the yoyos to you.” after which he stopped replying. less than a week after I sold both yoyos separately for a total sum of about $55.

if you new to trading, here are some guide lines that I have thought of:

firstly, never accept payment after you ship the yoyos. don’t let someone take advantage of you by hanging the mistakes of your past over your head. be confident in yourself, and if you are uncomfortable with the terms of the deal, either tell the other person or refuse to do business with them. also, never try to get the other person to ship first and instead agree on a specific day for both of you to ship. if a problem comes up, inform the other person in the transaction so that they do not feel like you did not own up to your word.

secondly, always use paypal. Paypal is the safest, fastest, and arguably the easiest way of transferring money online, and most importantly, never gift payment. when you do this, you forfeit all of the security benefits of using paypal and might as well be using a money gram which is neither safe, nor smart.

finally, have some trust and be patient. I believe that ‘internet anonymity’ has scared people into not trusting each other and so when someone does not reply in a day or two, they might become paranoid and raise false alarm by posting in a thread. please remember, each and every person in this forum is only human and it is quite possible that they may be preoccupied or not not have access to the internet.

I you have read this post, I would like to thank you for listening to what I had to say and I hope that I helped to inform you how to conduct a transaction on the YYE.


Now I am typically not a stickler for spelling, but when lecturing about “common since”…you should at least use a little and figure out the correct spelling.

Common Sense


First, thank you for sharing your point of view, and I was interested in it, because rarely do we hear the opinion of someone who is still actively trading, after a past history of a negative feedback. Some of us have not thought of what that would be like. We are all one transaction away from a negative feedback, so I found it an interesting read from that point of view.

I agree, that one negative still means that you have been reliable about 93% of the time. Also, that negative was two years ago, and you have had several successful transactions since then. I also agree that anyone trying to buy goods via Paypal (secure), but wants you to ship to them first, has been unreasonable.

But, if you were trading yo-yos with someone, I think it would be reasonable to ask you to ship first (even if he has less feedback). While 93% positive feedback appears greatly in your favor, there are some people who are afraid of being in that 7%. Honestly, I would be one of them. In time, as your feedback increases positively, that experience might change.

You stated the negative you received, was due to a failure to communicate and such, on your part. But, when I read the details of the negative feedback, the unhappy customer commented that the item they received was not as described. I realize there are two sides to every story, but delayed communication, and not getting what you paid for, are on two different levels. From the point of view of someone who might be doing their homework before a deal with you, they would not know who to believe, you or the feedback.

A few people have pointed out your spelling errors. I knew what you meant to say as I read that, so it does not bother me. But, I have read on the forum, that many people gauge trade worthiness by the quality of communication. They look at spelling errors and grammar, as the best indicators, of whether someone is “careful” and “meticulous,” not only about how they look in written form, but about conducting business as well. Be mindful of that, as I have seen posts regarding that. It is a popular opinion.

Also, be aware that your profile shows 209 posts, a mere 5 posts per month for the time you have been registered. You are a long time member, but not as active as some people, which is another red flag for people making deals. You want to see that people have invested their time recently in being an active part of the forum. A red flag is someone who, regarding the forum, could “take it or leave it.” The people who do not spend a lot of time on here are more likely to disappear, and it would create no void in their life or daily activity to say goodbye. So, be aware of that.

If I was a person researching you, I would be thinking:

  1. How is he with communication? So so. :-\
  2. What does his feedback look like? Hmmm…7% chance this will not go well. :-\
  3. How active is he on the forum? Not so active, been around awhile, but not so active. :-\
  4. Of the people who gave him feedback, how many do I know by name/reputation? Not many :-\
  5. How credible is the person have who gave him the negative? Hmmm…A known guy, so his opinion has some weight. :-\

The answers to the questions I asked myself, are the same questions other people are asking too. So they are not “paranoid” for no reason. They are reacting based on their fear of being in the 7%. They are basing it on their conclusions about your communication, how active you are, and whether they know the people on your feedback list.

I personally do not care about spelling or grammar, and in my line of work, I deal with people of all walks of life, levels of education, ages, backgrounds, and I have to find a way to communicate with them. No sweat off my back at all when it comes to spelling and grammar. But I still recommend that, to keep people from being so “paranoid,” you may want to spell check the PMs to potential customers, and the BST post. Also, see if you can strike a deal, even if it costs you, with the person who gave you the negative. Perhaps he would at least change it to neutral if things are made right, even at this late stage. Further, post a bit more when it interests you, be more active, and strike a few deals with some heavyweights to give your trade worthiness some clout. I think all these things will lift this burden, and create a better trade experience for you in the future.

Thanks for sharing. I hope I was able to share, from another point of view. Best of luck :slight_smile:


Let me give my two since,

Cash payments should always be first. That’s just how I think it Should go, unless one person has never used the bst before


Get paid before you ship, period. Pay via paypal, not as a gift, but for goods. File a claim to dispute the charge if you did not receive yo-yo.


Yeah, never ever ship a yoyo before receiving payment. If it’s good enough for every other store on earth, it’s good enough for me.

But I wouldn’t throw the possibility of sending the money as a gift out the window. If I trust the trader/seller enough, I’ll send the money as a gift. If I don’t, then I won’t.
But I’ve probably saved myself well over $100 not sending the money through Paypal as a purchase.