How are you people so tolerant?

When I look at the Traders’ Feedback section (which I seldom do) I see all these threads about scammers or people who still haven’t shipped for months and the OP is hesitant to leave negative feedback or contact PayPal. If that happened to me, I would be ALL OVER THEM.

Normally I would be super, super tolerant, but it seems the people who do this are the same kids/adults that freak out and immediately leave negative feedback when you ship a couple days late (which happened to me). So I guess I’d just want to give them a taste of their own medicine, I guess.

I saw one thread where the person traded a bootleg, and traded the yoyo he got before the other person messaged him, and then refused to make it right in the way everyone was recommending because he “hated to get a yoyo he liked, only to trade it back” and because he called “no tradebacks”. I don’t know about the rest of you, but that just irks me to no end.

So, how do you guys tolerate this so well lol?

My thoughs on BST deals “gone wrong” involve patience, understanding and also having a threshold for tolerance.

Anyone can screw up. Mistakes can be made. I am all for allowing the party making an error to be given at least one opportunity to “make it right”. Typically, negative feedback is the result of a complete failure by one end of the transaction. Nobody wants to leave negative feedback if there is no need to. When things go bad, most likely at least one party is working hard to make the other party honor the agreement.

When it comes to me, I am usually late shipping and mailing. I tightly schedule my activities and when someone else screws them over, it really screws me over big time. Unfortunately this happens often for me. I dislike shipping because of this.

Now, as far as paying, I’m usually quick. If it’s via Paypal, I’m usually lightning fast. When it comes to receiving items, I’m patient as long as the item has shipped. I never “gotta have it tomorrow” kind of stuff. I’ve had many sellers apologize to me for their shipping being late. I usually just say “Hey, no big deal, thanks for letting me know”. Honestly, it’s not a big deal to me if an item arrives a few days late. I had a package over 10 days late once. I asked about it and it as hadn’t arrived about when I expected it to. It turned out he just shipped late. Again, my response was “thank you for the update” and the item arrived a couple of days later.

One time an item shipped and I hadn’t paid yet since a check was late. I paid a couple of days later after the check arrived. The seller was fine with that.

Realize that BST is NOT a store/dedicated retailer where this is their business and perhaps income. BST is individuals selling and trading their own stuff on their own resources and time. I have to accept a certain level of professionalism as well as a more casual approach to certain things. BST also works off the honor system and peer pressure.

If I can avoid leaving negative feedback, I will. I will leave negative feedback if I have in fact been scammed. I will give a chance for the other party to “make it right”. I just hope I never have to ever have negative feedback.

I would leave a good long reply, but Breaking Bad is on so here it goes real quick. You can tell when something is up just by how the guy is acting. Give them a week or so to ship and if it hasn’t happened by then something is probably wrong. I’d leave negative feedback and contact Paypal after a week and a half. Definitely wouldn’t be hesitant at all after a month.

I like to get their SS# prior to finalizing the deal. As well as their address, names of family members and where they work or attend school, blood, stool sample and fingerprints.

Last 3 are recommended but optional. :o


I’ve been on the end of having negative feedback because freak occurrences happened on my end of the deal. I recieved a persons personal check for a projector screen and had asked them to see if it could actually be shipped as well as pay shipping before I would even consider selling it to someone that would require shipping. Well he emailed me the quote from UPS and I told him to send the check.

After I got the check I took the material off the screen frame and took apart the frame. The next day I had an emergency appendectomy and was in the hospital for two days. I contacted the buyer on the first day I was home and informed them of the situation. They were nice and from the tone of their voice could tell a little wary if I was telling the truth. Well after 4-5 days I sent them a text or email as an update that I could proceed to packaging it up. (Packaging an 8’ long projector frame isn’t very easy and required me to be in uncomfortable positions for extended periods). So it took me 2 days to get both packages “UPS” proof. When it hadn’t shipped they had started the threats and had become very impatient even though I was the first to to contact the other about the situation.

Well after I got it all packaged up and hauled it to UPS on a trailer they told me it was going to be three times the cost to ship it because how long it was. I emediately called the buyer when I walked out of the store and that’s when they felt I was ripping them off. I told them that was why I didn’t want to ship it in the first place and it was up to them if they still wanted it. They refused to pay the extra shipping until it arrived at their house. I was mad and fed up with the whole ordeal but tried FedEx just to see if could possibly get it shipped any cheaper. I ended up shipping it for twice the cost as the buyers quote, got negative feedback, and would have been better off donating it. Once the buyer recieved it and saw how long the packaging process alone took they apologized and sent me a check for half of the extra shipping cost. I still had negative feedback even though I bent over backwards to keep updates flowing and getting the product to the buyer.

Long story but thought I’d share.

I’m extremely tolerant . I’ve paid right away and waited a week or 2 for shipping more then once . I’ve gotten near Mint when it said mint a few times to , But if the price is still very good I don’t mind . I’ve gotten throws with pads that don’t fit , and mangled bearings . still extremely tolerant .

But 1 time I bought a “mint” yoyo and it was near mint , some light ano wear . A good price even for near mint . But it was missing a pad . I felt like I was straight up lied to . If it’s mint you should at the very least be able to play right out of the box . So I wrote him and asked for a refund of 20 , or a full return . and this it what I got in return .

Yo dawg, that’s how I got it. It was advertised as mint so I did not bother. I could not even see them.

You need to be mad at (anther member not gonna say name ) for selling it to me as mint

Long story short, filed a claim with paypal and got 20 back . And left some nasty neutral feedback .
in the end I got a great yoyo at a sick price ,but I would have been so much happier with just an apology . I still didn’t put a pad in it , it’s like he took all the fun out of getting a yoyo .

Never really had this problem.

Then again, people wouldn’t dare try to scam me.

Or perhaps it’s just that I state every single concern I have before the trade is finalized and only work with trustworthy people.

I recommend full body MRI. I once did a deal with a guy who came down with brain tumors before he could finish paying me. Gotta be safe.