Why do people with less than 10 feedback freak out when I ask them to ship first


I have 33 positive feedbacks and like a dude with 3 is like heck no Im not goin first…


A lot of times it could have something to do with preference, age, or how someone conducts themselves in the forum. For instance, I have had a few bad experiences with younger members concerning trades that involved me sending yoyo’s and never receiving any, bad communication, and misunderstandings. I know there are many well spoken young members (Sub 18) who use proper grammar and are delightful to work with so I by no means speak for them all, but it does tend to be the young ones who are difficult.


I would say that it is because that isn’t the norm for transactions. The social normal for transactions is you pay then they ship, anything outside of that and people will be uncomfortable. I know for a fact I wouldn’t ship before receiving payment, I don’t care how little feed back I have or how much feed back the other person has. Also what recourse does a shipper have if the other party doesn’t pay? At least with a PayPal payment you can dispute it and have a chance of getting your money back if they don’t ship.


I think he is referring to trades


They don’t have the experience needed to know the way yoyo trading goes. 33 should be plenty. I’ve encountered this before, but if you calmly explain to them how lucky they are to be trading with a reputable trader, they usually understand


If i have less feedback i volunteer to ship first.


I think using your better judgement along with trade count and etiquette should decide who ships first. With people who are both well versed and have nothing suspicious going on, it shouldn’t be a big deal to ship first for either person. I, for example, only have two feedback going on four; however, I believe that with proper discussion techniques and communication, I would seem like a reasonable trader. Another example, if someone has a growing number of feedback (5-20), but they choose to not communicate well and are hard to deal with, I am less likely to deal with them no matter what the transaction is.


Yeah, I agree. I had a deal going with someone with more feedback than me, but I didn’t like the communication, and so the deal was dead in my mind. Better to be disapointed about a deal that doesn’t happen, than a deal that went bad.


I couldn’t agree more with this paragraph above. It always tends to be the younger members of any community that cause the most problems. That’s my experience anyway.


I don’t know why, but I have a feeling it has something to do with ripping you off. But when I did my trade it was fine I had no problem shipping first so I don’t know.


Then say “no”, walk away and be done with it.



Generally, I insist that the person which less feedback ships first. This used to be basic forum etiquette. If the other person has more than 20 feedback or so, I’m usually fine with shipping at the same time.

I’ve had to turn down trades before because someone with less than 10 feedback refused to ship first. But, I’d prefer to not trade with someone who doesn’t follow basic etiquette; It’s too risky.

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Is that your sister or your girlfriend?

In related news, don’t deal with them. If anything ever seems at all off about a trade to you, don’t do it, it’s really that simple.


In the picture? My girlfriend :smiley: (5 years in September!)

My last words on trading…

Do it if you’re comfortable with whats going on and try to make it the best experience possible.


If this guy with 3 feedbacks doesn’t want to ship first, don’t trade with him

I have a feeling that you’re talking about “CLYWcollector”?


As we are on the note of feedback. When I am conducting a trade and we are about to exchange addresses should I bother telling the trader about my one neutral feedback?

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I say it’s up to you, because you have enough positive feedback to where I don’t think that would be necessary. If they are trading with you they should’ve already done their research, so that’s on them. If it was negative feedback though, I would think you should tell them about it just to be honest, but since it’s neutral and you have lots of other feedback I would think it’s okay.

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It’s also not your responsibility to tell them about your past transactions, that’s why the feedback system is in place.