Be careful with Kondziox2


We agreed on a trading date, I shipped on the date and gave him tracking. He didn’t ship his end of the deal or give me tracking until 4 days later, even though he insisted he did. I sent a few extras with my package, he said he would do the same, but he did not.
The yoyo was not packaged in the most secure way, it was just thrown in padded envelope, and the handwriting was quickly and messily scribbled on.
He described the yoyo as mint, but it was not. Then, when my package came to him, it had problems with customs. I had asked him before I sent my package if there was anything special I needed to do, or any extra costs that he would have to pay. He said there weren’t
When the package arrived, he told me he had to pay a fee, and he asked me to change the legal declaration of value on my package, which is illegal and wrong. I refused.
From that point on, I sent him a few messages asking him if he’d received my package. He told me he’d let me know when he received it. I now noticed one of the yoyos i sent him on his B/S/T, so I decided I’d leave feedback.
I’m kind of disappointed this transaction didn’t go better


Sorry this happened, man. But you clearly have more feedback than him. Why didn’t you ask him to ship first? I’ve done this many times and only once did I have to ship the yoyo back. And I never lost any of my throws.

You have to be assertive and control the situation when you have the opportunity. Feedback on YYE is our rating system and it determines who makes the call on trades. Most definitely, it should be the person who has earned the higher feedback like you have.


Thanks man, I am making a deal with him.


Thanks for the detailed feedback. Always helps.



I asked him to ship first, but he didn’t want to. I suppose I should be more adamant next time.


Absolutely. Not only is your feedback higher, you have countless people who can vouch for you on here, who have a ton of feedback also, who have met you face to face, including myself. Use that to your advantage and let them know that you are a regular quality poster, who does not only participate in BST, and knows personally a long list of people on the forum. Your credibility exceeds his for that reason. Further, when it comes to international transactions, if you live in the United States, you have stronger bargaining power with those overseas. It is much easier for you to trade on this popular forum, which consists of mostly people from the United States, than it is for him. There are many people on here, myself included, who will not ship anything overseas. The UK might be an exception. If he knows you;

  1. Post more than he does in general;

  2. You know more people on here to vouch for you;

  3. Your feedback count is higher than his;

If he still refuses to ship first? He might be bluffing, but if not…let him keep his yo-yos. It is far more difficult for him to find someone on here willing to do a deal with a BSTer in Poland, than it is for you to find a deal in the U.S.

Use the bit more feedback that I have and tell them to PM me, so I can tell them we chilled at a few yo-yo clubs, I mailed stuff to your home in the past, saw you at the local state contest and so on.

If anyone does that to you again, say no thanks, and…wish them good luck. :wink:

We appreciate the heads up too.


Thanks for the advice, I’m gonna be much more careful next time.


Why does he insist he cannot ship first? He only has 6 feedback wouldn’t the person with less have to ship first unless other agreements are made? I’m asking cause I want something babe has and I have a bvm2 which is on his wants list, but there’s no way I would ship same time he would have to ship first


I’ve ALWAYS had problems with shipping to people in Russia, Poland and the Ukraine. Every, single, time.


Yeah I dunno. I would really avoid this guy. He says he’ll do stuff and never ends up going through with it.


I was looking for a reason not to trade with him. So thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

I know customs over there are crazy, though. I once sold a Ni 54 to a guy in the Ukraine and he had to pay like $40 just to get the package.


Yeah, he lied about several things, including the condition of the yoyo and when he sent it.

He also shipped it poorly, and didn’t really put much effort into it. Just not a very trustworthy person