Requesting confirmation on an apparently unspoken rule.

The trader with lower feedback ships first.
Upon arrival, the holder of higher feedback ships.
If feedback is equal, both ship on the same date.

Friends notwithstanding.

I’m having difficulties with a specific buyer, denying this rule/practice exists. Please clarify.

Not posting in the BST, seeing as it regards the BST, but is not actually an ad. Move if need be.

sounds like a nice rule to go by to avoid scammers.
I’ve heard of people with lower feedback shipping first, so I’d definitely think it exists.

But if both people have decently high feedback, I’d think it would be fine to do it at the same time.

Never was aware of the rule, but it does make sense. Those who need to prove(through lower rankings) should step up and have to handle their end of the transaction first.

If the transaction is a purchase, or involves money, money must exchange first regardless of ranking. Even if a trade+money, the money should go first. In the case of someone with trade item AND money, they should ship first.

Stuff like this makes me just want to continue to avoid BST. I know there’s plenty of honest sellers, but I’m just not up for “playing games”. I’d rather just do the retail/store route. It’s shame, I might be able to get a really nice yoyo through BST as I look for a high-end metal for purchase in October. Yes, purchase. I send money, and then the seller would send merchandise.

i was the other party to which this thread was started

i didn’t deny that this practice existed; but did state that it was not a rule of the Website

i did not request that the party with the higher feedback send first but, i requested that we ship the same day and provide tracking numbers (this is the practice that i always use, normally no problem)

different people have different practices and no trade was made.
if YYE sees fit to make this a mandatory rule that is another situation entirely

Not even an unsaid rule. If you want to trade this way then go for it. I don’t. I almost don’t even look at traders feedback though. I guess I’m uber trustworthy with people I don’t know. Anyway what you are saying is the way a lot of people do it. I’m just not sure of how much of a rule it really is. I’d say if they don’t want to go with the rule then don’t trade.

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If they’re not up for the good old ref rule then I don’t do the trade/transaction. (unless I know you)

hmm, you’re missin’ out on some great stuff. Got a lot of nice throws for really cheap on there :slight_smile:
I just got an xyo xcalibur for $20 shipped. it’s basically mint and they retail for $90.

Yeah, that was always how I did it. Unless you both have say 25+ feedback, the lower feedback should ship first. My own rule

No point in disagreeing with you on that point. I know you’re right, even if you didn’t mention a recent deal you completed. Maybe I’ll post something in there in a few days. Should I choose to make a purchase, my hands are tied by my own rules and my rules of fair trade: since I have a ZERO rating, I should be expected to handle my end of the transaction first. And, since I would be buying, I would send payment first. Makes sense to me.

It’s always a small number wrecking stuff for the majority. If you feel bad on a deal, break it off. I hate it when I have to do that(with me often as a buyer), but when something doesn’t feel right, I know I need to end it.

I also see that party A would ship first, then party A would send party B a confirmation number via email/PM/text message (etc.), then when party B get confirmation number, Party B ships

That’s how I trade. This way shipping first isn’t such a big deal.

What about confirmation of the contents? A scammer could send an empty box. I’ve seen it done.

I’m not the trusting type these days. Plus, my mail service ins’t “reliable”. I only believe what is in my hands when it comes to a shipment.

This is what I do!

I also go by how many posts they have. I’m cautious with anyone who has under 100 posts.

Actually, a lot of people don’t use the general forum and only use the bst. I have traded with a few people who have less than 100 post

never had this problem (as I’m new and I don’t trade much I have little feedback) but the consequences on me screwing over someone on a trade would be devastating if I ever decided to do that. as it’s pretty obvious, generally people go with it.

What that person(that your trading with) is like new to like the forum!!!

It gets to a point where it doesn’t matter who has higher feedback. If one guy had eleven positive feedback and the other guy has twenty, I really don’t see a need to make the guy with eleven ship first.

People with little to no feedback at all should always ship first. And it’s always better when you offer to ship first; it makes the other trader feels at ease because they know you understand how the system works.

That’s what makes me comfortable with a deal.