Shipping procedures should include tape!!!

So I am beyond angry! There is a member here that I bought a MIB puffin from and first there was an issue and delayed the sending of the puffin because his member didnt claim the PayPal payment, then he said oh sorry ok I’ll send it right out. Well a day later when the puffin was to be shipped I get a message that he worked and couldn’t send out my throw. Well a few days later I receive a delivery confirmation # and long story short today I received a small priority box with not even the smallest hint of tape and guess what? There was no yoyo in the box. Either he didn’t send it or the box opened in transit.

Either way I’m flipping frogs angry! And should I contact a mod? I will be contacting PayPal and filing a dispute.

I am just having a hard time believing twice in two weeks the USPS let me down big time :confused: and I am highly skeptical of the member that shipped my yoyo this time because of all the issues just getting the yoyo sent out.

  1. This belongs in the Traders Feedback board under the B/S/T forum.
  2. You need to give negative feedback to the member in question.
  3. You need to put his name up here to warn others.

Mods please move to correct location and I’m going to contact a mod before I out his name I’m just extremely angry :confused:

Wow it’s stupid I can’t report my thread to a moderator to have it moved.

Have you contacted the person you dealt with? That should be the first thing you do and see if there is anything they could do to help you out. If th aren’t willing to then leave appropriate feedback and let their name be known. This isn’t a matter of scamming from what I can think just unfortunate luck on yours and their part. If you and the other person can’t come to some sort of reconciliation then do what you need.

I contacted the member prior to this and PayPal. I just really needed to vent wow I’m blown away :confused: I hope you’re right!

Oooo dude sorry thats horrible.

FFS I’m going to have to make a proper shipping guide, aren’t I?

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Keep everything you received and file a Paypal dispute.

I did on both accounts! Thanks for moving the thread & advice I was working on sending you a pm but you fixed it before I could message you.

PayPal is pretty good about this kind of thing. Good luck!

There should be tracking on it. call the post offices where it was scanned and see if they have it in their lost and found.
It being a federal building stealing from packages at the building is a felony. Which means your throw is almost guarantee to be in a lost and found in one of the post offices or sorting facility’s it went through.
Although likely not mint.
Also how much was the shipping on the box? if it wasn’t a flat rate then you can see how much weight was in it when he took it too the post office. If it is missing the yoyo’s weight then you got your answer if it doesn’t have any weight loss then you know there was never a yoyo in there.

Absolutely great info!

Sadly it was flat rate so no weight but tracking was there and I’ll call the stopping points