shame on gee_/mtgguy777/Gee Cheung


i bought a clear-coat supernova from him which i did not receive it till now(it’s been 2 months); enquired from his regarding the status-“ask post office at my side.probably could be stuck somewhere”(1 1/2 week after payment is sent).no problem…i waited patiently. after a month’s time, there’s nothing from him in my mailbox or delivered to me.enquired from him again;this time regarding the supernova replacement which he offered. however, at a payment of USD 30 for the shipping of the replacement yoyo(which i will never pay at all), i felt cheated as well as went for the wrong supernova bst deal.

on another note, since it’s a loss to ship internationally with that quoted selling price, he could have told me even if it’s after payment sent & perhaps the $ is refunded & i look for another supernova deal. i was really looking forward to having a supernova yoyo but now, lost hopes. :-\


gee_/Gee Cheung,

If you’re reading this, send a refund so that i can use the $ to get a clear-coat supernova from someone else.


up till now, no progress…no response as well.

any close friend(s) or anybody who meet him, kindly notify him to refund the $.thank you.


If you sent the $ Paypal file a claim if sent as goods and services.


it’s out of the buyer protection period thus i’m unable to do so(waited for a month after getting reply & close to another month before enquiring again). Thank you for your concern.


just pure shame on this seller.missing in action~

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I hadn’t realized yohype wasn’t from the US before I had accepted payment but I figured I’d send him the yoyo anyways. It cost me close to $10 to ship it and I ended up losing out on the deal but it was my mistake so I dealt with it. He didn’t say anything about it for 2 months so I assumed he got it. Then out of nowhere he states that he never got the yoyo. I offered to send him a replacement but wanted to make sure it got there so I asked for $30 to cover express shipping with tracking and insurance, which yohype so clearly pointed out he would not pay.


Ok, this really seems more like the postal offices fault, I mean, I had 2 54s get lost in 1 month :stuck_out_tongue:


From what it sounds like, this is in no way Gee’s fault.

International shipping via USPS is quite dodgy. It’s quite common for packages to get lost when shipping internationally. Unfortunately there’s not much to do about this situation besides just chalk it up to the post office’s error and move on.


I’ve seen a lot of these “shame on _____” threads recently. Almost all of which should be dealt with via pms. It’s a matter between you two, not the whole forum.


Ive traded with Gee before and he’s a good guy.



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This is traders feedback, I think these threads fit here perfectly.


There is a forum feature which you can see which country the user is from. Moreover, the recipient address is stated in the paypal transaction and you could pm me stating you do not wish to carry on with the transaction & refund me the $. I agree with the fact that I did not say anything for 2 months; reason is I was waiting for the parcel to arrive before thinking what to do next and pm you.

Regarding the shipping cost for replacement/compensating yoyo: I may have said this in the pm; the initial deal price is $65 and I have to foot 30 to get the replacement/compensation?.I may change my mind about footing the extra after I have received the replacement/compensation.

Lost parcel is unavoidable. However, a postal document/proof of the yoyo/parcel being sent should be available for the buyer to see if there’s no tracking number (which I have requested from gee_ in 2 or 3 messages but did not receive any). This tracking number/proof of sending issue needs to be looked into as sellers can choose not to send the yoyo & said the parcel is lost. In the situation of buyer receive the yoyo(s) but declare the yoyo(s) is not received, the seller could check with the buyer’s country postal service to verify if the parcel is sent to the buyer’s address.


This is not a reliable indicator of location. Many people put down odd locations just for fun, some to deceive.


Or for privacy reasons.
For example, if you go on to my account, my “location” is in the middle of the ocean.


You also have Slenderman as your profile pic.



If you want to know where Slenderman lives.

Check my profile.

Manofmystery’s my bro. :o


Manofmystery, yoyospirit, Shadowz143, you can chat among yourself elsewhere.this thread is just for the sole purpose of transaction/trader feedback.

jhb8426, i appreciate your reply. thanks for the info.

as of now, there’s nothing from Gee Cheung.