What do I do? :(


I recently was doing a trade with someone on the forums. This was the trade: $X amount of dollars would be sent to him using paypal goods and services. Once he received the payment he would send out the orca. Once I received the yoyo, I would send out a couple throws in return. The orca was supposed to arrive on Tuesday according to the tracking info. It didn’t arrive (Thursday) today and I am exceptionally worried. What do we do?


Look up the tracking number

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I did. It says in route but it’s been over 5 business days to go literally 1 state over. I get stuff from Cali (half way across the country) in three days… I don’t know. Am I being paranoid?


Yes. The postal service messes up sometimes. If it is in their tracking system, keep an eye on it. Give it a week or two and then contact USPS (or look up online) what your next appropriate steps are.

If the package is within their parameters for being considered “lost/misplaced”, then it is up to the SENDER to start the process to recover it.


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Probably shipped it via USPS First Class, takes longer, and with the holiday on Monday even a little longer.


I’m always good with thank you’s :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Okay, I’ll see what the sender wants to do.


USPS tracking is hit or miss. Give it another couple of days before you get too concerned.


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I know right :wink: I used to always, but then I decided to trim down the collection… Once I did that I got hooked on trading :wink: if only there were more yoyoers around me :smiley:


USPS first class is pathetic. I’ve ordered locally (within the Bay Area) and have had it take just as long as something I bought from here that shipped priority. Many times with first class you’re lucky if your package actually gets any scans.

…I’ve had where they even missed scanning on priority and apparently my Firrox is to this day still out for delivery (even though I already received it months ago) :slight_smile:


Yeah, just chill. USPS can be a mess sometimes but they eventually get it right.