shipping problem

ok so i recently bought a yoyo from another yoyo site. the thing s is that its been a whole week and still nothing, i try to contact them but there not replieing, and i cant find any tracking. i know that this site is reliable though.

Sooo… What do you want us to do. It is not like we control the shipping.

The only advice I cam offer is checking your email for a message saying it was shipped.

i dont want you to do anything . im just wondering if i should be waiting this long for my yoyo.

What website? Pm me don’t post it.

Contact the OTHER yoyo site. See what’s going on there.

The post office can have delays. If you’re ordering from over-seas, it can sometimes take a while for stuff to get from their location to your location.

When my orders from YYE ship, it tends to take 3 days to go coast to coast. One order took over 3 weeks due to some mishandling by the post office. They decided to not deliver it and sent it back and they took their time returning it to YYE. Then, once YYE got it in their hands, they turned it right around and I got it back in 3 days. Another order I got from YYE, I ordered an item and YYE held the whole order for me(at my request) until the proper item was received. Again, once that item was in stock, they shipped it right ot and I had it in 3 days.

I’ve mailed some stuff recently, and it seems even going coast to coast NOT using Priority Mail, the items are arriving in 3-4 days.

I’ve ordered some items from another location that is over-seas(many of us have ordered stuff from there) and it can take them over a week to just get around to processing the order, and then from there it can take an additional 3 weeks(or more) to arrive.

Getting stuff to and from the UK can take as short as 5 days, but 10-14 days is more average.

its ok they contacted me and they actually messed up the zip code on the package si it was sent out and then sent back to them but now its ok…

I just ordered an item that was under $10 with free shipping from an international location. I ordered on the 16th, it has arrived on the 24th, which was MUCH earlier than expected. They must have shipped super fast!

To the OP:
Wrong zip code? You’d be amazed how often that not only happens but ALSO how frequently the post office can take care of that without sending stuff back to sender. The state and city do help get stuff there, but the ZIP codes do make things a LOT easier. Of course, sometimes it isn’t enough. The return portion isn’t exactly fast.