whats takeing so long to ship my yoyo im still waiting since yesterday and ive been tracking it and it says still not shipped what gives ?

Yeah, it usually takes 1 day to ship. Once it took till 5:00 pm the next day to ship. Just be patient, YYE is incredibly reliable.

I have found YoYoExpert to be very prompt in processing my orders. The follow-up info from the USPS is rather slow sometimes however. On my last order my throw was delivered and in my mailbox before the shipping info was ever updated on the “Endicia” website showing that the post office in Massachusetts had even receive the product yet.

So your order is probably on it’s way, it may already be nearing your home right now.

Its only been a day, chill. Usually the usps tracking dosen’t keep up with the package, in my case.

If you want it there overnight, pay for FedEx Next Morning.

Until they invent Star Trek transporter technology, just chill.

tracking numbers take 24 hours to update after they are shipped

Every order I’ve made before 3 pm EST has been at my door two days later. Like clockwork. I love yoyo expert.

Last 2 orders were sent out Friday. They come Monday. YYE rocks!

Another order coming soon! Well, gotta place the order first…

USPS just takes forever. Also note that Delivery confirmation isn’t tracking. It’s just a way to confirm that the item was delivered.

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Coast to coast in generally 3 days? I pay more for UPS shipping to take 5 days to do the same thing. Granted, it’s often a bigger item… but not always. Got a VGA extender and Cat5e cable from NewEgg, they took 3 days just to get off their duffs and ship it. never sent confirmation or tracking or nothing, it just showed up. Thank goodness it came Monday and I need it today. Set it up, tested it, it’s fine.

I don’t mind waiting a week. It’s often not a big deal. but when you get a check 2 months late and have to scramble to get things done, you expect your vendors to step it up. A yoyo is NOT an urgent item to me, despite the fact I WANT it fast. The VGA extender was urgent and I NEEDED it fast since I need it for an event today and tomorrow.

Want vs. need. Priorities! Patience is a virtue and all that.

Meant they take forever to update the delivery confirmation. My mistake.

shipping? why are we talking about character romance made up by a fanbase?