How long does it take yoyoexpert to ship

i ordered it at like 7 this morning and want to know about how long they wait before it says they shipped it

It depends were you are located, It takes me 3 days.

Same here. I always get mine 2-3 days after I place an order.


no i dont mean by the time it gets to my house i mean the actual time it takes them to actually put it in the mail

One would assume that if the order was placed at 7 a.m. then the yo-yo would be shipped same day.

It will be. they guarantee same day shipping before a certain time of day.

well, in my experience, they ship the next day.

Pretty Quik *shazaam Quick" 2 - 3 days for me


Depends upon when you place the order.

Does it get to you in 3 days with the cheaper, priority mail, or are you talking about the express mail?

Thats the cheaper one and it usually arrives in 2-3 days i cant imagine how fast the express would ship

Of course they most likely don’t ship until they have confirmation of payment, which can in some cases take a day or so.

Yep, mine just shipped. Just now.

i ordered a protostar and some lube.
I like this site better than YYN now because they keep stuff in stock

they ship same day before 2 pm and if you place your order later it is shipped next day. arrives in 2-3 days. ;D

True that. True that.

where does it ship from

I live in VA, so when I order from YYE, it takes only 2 days.

If I order on Monday, it will be here Wednesday.
If I order Wednesday, it will be here on Friday.
If I order on Friday, it will be here on Monday. etc

Amherst, Ma

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