Yoyoexpert is so great

Okay well I don’t know where this is supposed to go but I just thought that this needed to be said.
Yoyoexpert shipping is amazing. I ordered some string for myself on thursday. I live in New England which is ver close to yoyoexpert but this was during the time that we got over 12 inches of snow. The shipping was 5 to 7 days and I got it today which is a saturday, not even a business day. I just want to tell the guys who work for yoyoexpert to keep doing what they are doing and they will always have my business.


Yup, I can get my packages in one day if I put my order in early enough the day before, and thats even by choosing the cheapest shipping. It’s really great living close to them :slight_smile:

Yup I Think We can al agree That YYE is amazing

I live on the other side of the country (California, to be exact), and I’ve NEVER had a YYE package take longer than three days. :slight_smile:

I agree with all of this.

If there is someone who says YYE is terrible, they obviously have never had anything to do with them. YYE is simply AWESOME!!!

YYE: Make the Simple Amazing, like shipping.

or like there deals on yoyos they got the best prices on most yo-yos around or that are common.


Doesn’t shipping time in bad weather have more to do with USPS lol But yea, YYE is pretty awesome.

^^^I was just about to say something similar… maybe you should find a USPS forum and thank them as well. :slight_smile:

YoyoExpert customer service is also fantastic. They helped me a lot with log on issues. I really appreciate all their help! They were prompt and always got back to me as soon as possible. Never hesitate to deal with YoyoExpert.

Ordered a package from (another yoyo store…hint JD) on Sunday and from yye on Thursday and they both came on Saturday…it might just be cause I’m in new York idk.

Yeah, all of my orders from YYE come the next day. There really good there. Also, they’re very fast.

They’ve always got my orders processed nice and quickly. After that, I’m in the hands of the cruel Fed Ex gods. YYE is absolutely fantastic when it comes to replying to emails though, whether it’s an issue with a product or just a question. Customer service is second to none.


Best store ever! This kind of speaks for itself. I can’t ever post this enough:

YYEHeart by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

Yoyoexpert is amazing

That I’ll drink to that!

Gee i wonder why free shipping from 3,000 miles away takes longer than $5.50 shipping from 200 miles away. ::slight_smile:

Reading this thread you’d think YYE was a shipping company. They’re good at packing up yoyos and shipping them out, but so is everyone else, as for how quick it gets to you that has nothing to do with YYE.

Personally i don’t like YYE’s forum monopoly(not their fault i know, but still frustrating at times) and i don’t feel like they’ve done enough to stay competitive as far as free shipping and coupons, but i understand that they have a dominant market position and a loyal fan base, as well as exclusive products, so they have no need to get into those battles.