yoyoexpert=part speed racer

(Yin) #1

I just got my package from YYE. It shipped Mon and got here today. If you ask me that’s lighting. It was a big package too had a shirt and a yo in it.

This place is awesome and fast!

Like whoa.


(Frank W.) #2

l0l same here I love ordering from here you get everything you ordered and you get it fast ;D

(yoyobot) #3

yea i ordered a yoyo late monday plan on gettin it tommorrow


I almost always have gotten my YYE packages in two days. There have only been two times where that hasnt happened.

Man, YYE rocks!!!

(Derek) #5

my yoyo got to me in 6 days, i’m still really happy with that thought because it had to get over the border to get to me, which i thgouth would take a lot longer

(yoyobot) #6

[quote] man, YYE rocks