Thank You YYE


Dear YYE,

I want to thank you for your incredible support. On a HOLIDAY WEEKEND, you guys still responded to my e-mails quickly. There was lots of confusion on my order, as there was an e-mail mix up. YYE was very calm, and ready to help. In the end, we got it in order. Thanks SO much for your help.



(JackG) #2

yes andre does a great job keepping things cool around here


I agree. I just got into a semi-argument with André yesterday, and he handled it very maturely. Awesome stuff.

And I made a big blunder with one of my orders, so I’ll post here when I know André will fix it.

(Mikey) #4

Shipping is great too, 2 days, wow!

(SR) #5

It takes four days for me. But who cares.

This is a great site. Go Andre!

(Gorrilla_YO) #6

Shipping here is better than YYN…
Thanks Andre


(JonasK) #7

They both use USPS. The shipping is the same. The only thing that the stores are doing with shipping is posting the package.



(Gorrilla_YO) #9

I was refering to the price and how fast it gets to its destination. YYE is cheaper for some reason, Location mabey?
I always get YYE packages faster than YYN :stuck_out_tongue: