Thank You YYE

Dear YYE,

I want to thank you for your incredible support. On a HOLIDAY WEEKEND, you guys still responded to my e-mails quickly. There was lots of confusion on my order, as there was an e-mail mix up. YYE was very calm, and ready to help. In the end, we got it in order. Thanks SO much for your help.



yes andre does a great job keepping things cool around here

I agree. I just got into a semi-argument with André yesterday, and he handled it very maturely. Awesome stuff.

And I made a big blunder with one of my orders, so I’ll post here when I know André will fix it.

Shipping is great too, 2 days, wow!

It takes four days for me. But who cares.

This is a great site. Go Andre!

Shipping here is better than YYN…
Thanks Andre


They both use USPS. The shipping is the same. The only thing that the stores are doing with shipping is posting the package.



I was refering to the price and how fast it gets to its destination. YYE is cheaper for some reason, Location mabey?
I always get YYE packages faster than YYN :stuck_out_tongue: