free shipping

free shipping all around because that has stopped me from order many times :frowning: from here

5 dollars has stopped you? I mean, 5 dollars is 5 dollars but they’re not even marking it up. That’s the flat rate box shipping price.

With Tracking…Expect to pay shipping from almost every online store. Except for some that if you buy a certain dollar amount they give you free shipping.

Dude, you only have to pay $5 shipping. I’d take that deal any day. I live in Australia and when I order from YYE, I pay $20-$25 in shipping. Even when I order from stores based in Australia, I pay about $8-$10 in shipping (without tracking).


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They will throw in free shipping if you spend hundreds of dollars lol … Cus by then $5 is nothing lol

Ditto. If I buy anything from YYE I’m expecting $15-25 shipping, and I still have to pay £2.85 (About .4.60) to get anything shipped from the UK shop - that’s without tracking!

I think free shipping(or reduced, say, keep the signature requirement or delivery confirmation at least) once an order gets above a certain threshold. I know I’d appreciate it. I’ve made many orders the past month. Seems like once a week. New cool stuff keeps coming out! I should just say “guys, OK, what’s coming out… let’s let me pay for stuff as I go, let it pile up and then at the end of the month, shove it in a box and send it”. I know they’d entertain the idea too.

Today, I ordered a Token. I figured, might as well toss a few other items in the box, make it worth the shipping charges. This is why I recommend if you’re gonna order that new “gotta have item”, add your accessories in so you aren’t paying extra for shipping.

Honestly, the USPS offering flat-rate shipping has been fantastic for Ebay, mail order places and E-retailers such as YYE. Granted, it’s Priority Mail, but even so, at least it’s a method of fixing charges.

If I had an issue with YYE’s shipping charges, I’d go elsewhere. But, I’m in the United States, they are in the United States. I’m on average waiting 2-3 days for my stuff to arrive. I don’t have anything to complain about.

I have to pay like $20 for shipping and customs. Shipping often becomes more expensive than the order itself. $5 is amazingly cheap.

Not to take away from YYE, but aren’t there retailers in Europe that can help drive those costs down?

But still, like when I recently placed an order over-seas, I beefed it up to kick it to the level where I’d get free shipping. Even with YYE, I try to include accessories with a yoyo order to make things make more sense. Bulk strings, bearings, tools, stacks, whatever makes sense to add to an order at the time.

I agree, I think it’d be good to offer free shipping on orders above $100 or $149 or something like that.

I’m really OK with the shipping prices.

It’s not the shipping that bugs me, I just wish the yoyos were free.

Seriously though, I live in South Africa. International shipping (+import tax) is crazy, especially when using a 3rd world country - I’d be overjoyed if I only had to pay $5 and wait 2 days for a new throw (instead of waiting 2-3 weeks).

Not to sound harsh, but put free shipping simply because 1 person doesn’t like to pay it?

Hundreds of others don’t have a problem. $5 is pretty much nothing compared to shipping to some countries. I’d say be thankful for the $5 shipping instead of $15-$30 shipping.

Dude $5 dollars has seriously stopped you, I have a huge order and its only $15 for shipping and its a very huge order, if you ask me $5 dollars is fairly cheap for shipping

Shipping doesn’t get any better than this site. It can be even less than $5 if you order stuff like response pads, bearings, and string. It’s only $3 for a package like that. Nothing is marked up. Sweet deal.

Gotta problem with shipping? Go pick it up. That’s what I do when they charge for delivery when I order a pizza!

That cross country trip could get pricey :wink:

Well, this is the way I see it.

A certain other store offers free shipping on all orders. If they can do it, so can YYE. Just my 2 cents.

YYE isn’t this “other” store. YYE can charge whatever they want. The way I see it, if you don’t want to spend the $3-$5 for shipping here, then why shop here. YYE still has my business.

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Sure they could. All items would just cost about $5 more.