Thank you YYE


Every so often I am drawn to the yoyo sites that offer free shipping. What a deal. Until I go looking for a particular yoyo. Now I look way more than I buy but most every time I look at these other sites they are out of stock or do not ever carry what I am interested in. So I do not mind paying the shipping because I know I can get most of what I want when I want it from YYE.
SO Thank you YYE.


I agree, having a variety of yo-yos and keeping the best stuff in stock is expensive. Even when other stores have one good item, you have to split your order and buy other stuff from here anyway. This is the best yo-yo store and site around…hands down. My favorite store…without a doubt.

(Erik Kerber ) #3

Yea I’ve noticed that too. YYE is the best.