Best places to buy yo yos?

I know is good, but are there any others you’d suggest?

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Maybe go here to see what’s expected:,4.0.html


This website!

First of all, we’re not supposed to talk about other online stores in the forum (but it looks like you’re new so it’s OK because you probably didn’t know.) Well, in terms of best places to buy yoyos, I actually think that this website is the best site of any. Not because I’m biased but because it always has most yoyos in stock, and no other site has as many yoyos in stock/ as frequent restocks as this site.

I like this site because it isn’t as popular as the other site and this site tends to have more stuff in stock. Like the avalanche.

There are plenty of places you can go online to buy yoyos. It wasn’t an easy effort to find where I ended up purchasing.

First, I was looking for a store, but I was also looking for support. Being new and everything, YYE(this place) offered the following:

Training Tutorial videos
FAST email support(acceptable time to me)
A forum/web board, which encourages community
An IRC channel, which allows for real time interaction.
Plus, if I want to, I can call.

The store offers competitive pricing, fast shipping, large selection and excellent customer service.
The community around here is helpful, friendly and nice to hang around.

If you’re looking for “cheapest prices”, well, this is sort of a commodity type marketplace. But is the shipping keeping that price down?

Look at the whole picture. Look at the value add. The value-add actually makes the price that much a bigger value over other places.

Not the other places are bad. There are some other great stores that sell yoyos, and I can think of 2 off the top of my head. But I’ve also seen some with poor choices(1 brand which only has 3 models!) but good videos.

Not to say I’ve been checking out every online store on the planet/internet, but from what I’ve looked, I voted with my money. I’ve done all my online purchases through YYE. I plan to continue it as much a s possible. Of course, that’s not always possible, but I’ll ensure I give YYE first shot at it, just as I do with other retailers I work with for other products I need(such as audio gear).

There are lots of great places to buy yoyos, but few come close to YoyoExpert! Most consistently well stocked, competitive prices, great customer service. I definitely support YoyoExpert whenever I can.

Sorry! didn’t realize that! And now that you said that I’ll see if they have the yoyo I want from you guys! :{)