Looking for cheap used and new yoyos


Hay guys
I have not been able to find a major difference in yoyo stores regarding prices I have even checked eBay. is there a place I besides yoyo expert I can look for cheap use and new yoyos?

Yoyos I am looking for Skyva (plastic) edge and 9 dragons
Any color any condition


I’m sure there is, but you won’t find it listed here. :wink:
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I highly recommend buying from here! I honestly have 0 idea how prices compare to other stores but their customer service here is amazing! I had a yoyo that thread stripped after 2-3 years. I asked on the forum “anyone know where I can get this retapped at?” Garrett said to message customer service and I ended up only having to pay for shipping to yoyoexpert! There are many other great stories I’ve heard about their customer service and it just shows how great of a company Yoyoexpert is. Buy here and have ease of mind. Support the owners of the forums you love :slight_smile:


Buy from YYE, awesome service!

(InvaderDust) #5

save yourself a hassle later by buying YYE now. Most of the time time, cheapest isnt a good option in the scheme of things. Customer support should be taken into consideration. Ebay, BST’s, and the like will be much more difficult if not impossible to get a problem taken care of if an issue arises.

Friendly piece of advise: There will always be a higher (sometimes hidden) cost to a low price.


Thanks I know, they do have awesome service :smiley:
Duncan also has awesome service


Thanks I do love yye
I was just wondering if there was anything else like it


The point is, you won’t find it listed here. ::slight_smile:




I ate dinner at this Restuarant the other day. The food was really Good!

I think tomorrow; I am gonna go back there and ask if any customers in the Restaurant can suggest another Restaurant where I can get as good or an even better meal for less?

I may even ask the Manager or Owner if they could suggest another place better than theirs.

… All joking aside; I seriously wonder what mimdset causes people to think it is ‘OK’ to post on a Forum owned and operated by the Yoyoexpert Store; and ask for suggestions on where else to buy yoyo’s?



I am saying yye is amazing it is my favorite place to buy from I am just slowly exploring the yoyo community and figuring out what out there
Thx though :grinning:

To YYE I sorry what I said came out the wrong way but thank you for your amazing company sales and service