wher do you do your yo-yo shopping?


okay, I am wondering where do you all do your yo-yo shopping? I do my shopping at www.yoyoguy.com right now but I am thinking of yoyoexpert and www.yoyonation.com. if you are a user then please post which ones you go to.


I shop at YoYoNation, but in the future, I also might shop at YoYoExpert, especially once they offer more products.


I’ve been shopping at http://yoyoz.co.uk/ and i’ve been very satisfied with it.
I’m from Europe (Denmark), so the shipping cost and waiting for my order to arrive would be too much from an USA shop.
Looking forward to see what other European shops people are using :slight_smile:


I buy most of my accessories from YYN, strings, bearings, shims, response. I bought a couple yo yo’s from YYE. I bought one yo yo from Euro-yo.com.


there is also a really good site called yoyosam.

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I do most of my shopping at these sites( in order of most used)

  1. YoYoExpert and YoYonation I use about the same.
  2. YoYoSam
  3. YoYoFactory

And thats about the only places I buy things from.


I like the yostore.com

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I hate the YoStore lol


I shop yoyonation, yoyoguy, yoyoplay, and yoyoexpert. ;D

Happy Throwing! =]


all the places iv bought yo related items are YoyoNation, YoyoExpert, yoyoplay, and yoyocrazy.


I use www.euro-yo.com for shopping. Large stock, cheap prices and some makes and special editions which are not available on other stores (HSpin G&E Water Lily, for example).


Theyostore.com ftw. =] Other than that I use YYG or YYN.

~yo! shi!


I’ve only brought from two places. Yoyonation and yoyoexpert. Yoyoexpert has great customer service. :wink:

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just bot a new lyn fury from yoyonation


yyn has great customer service as well…i’ve never gotten anything from this site cause yyn has the largest selections of response systems, parts, yoyos, etc. and great customer service. :wink:

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i realy like yoyosam that bam 11 posted.


Yoyonation does as well but something happen during my order with yoyoexpert. It wasn’t yoyoexpert’s fault but my card. I was able to receive my yo-yo earlier than my payment.