free shipping

All these cost are factored into the profit. Much like prosperous store fronts account for theft in there bottom line. Grocery stores factor in spoilage. We would see less of the national yoyo day sales and 4th of July sales etc. shipping is a fact of life.

I’m all for free shipping. I know many other stores that carry the same products for better prices and they offer free shipping on all orders over $50. Shipping is $11.30 for me!!! And that’s the standard lowest shipping amount i can pay.

The throws here are cheap (not cheap but say “discounted” i don’t know hard to explain) go try to buy a throw from YYJ’s page and the shipping is more expensive,so are the throws. I’d be happy if yye did have free shipping but that means

•more $ on throws

•less can be reduced on sales

•people are going to have to waste a certain amount of $ to get free shipping if all you need is a bulk of string, or just a pair of response pads your going to pay shipping just for one measly little thing, and I’m pretty sure people won’t want to waste $50 for every time they need string or response pads,lube,glove,bearing,etc

All I’m tryna say is that you should be happy the shipping here is fairly priced today I placed a huge order and the total of the shipping was $12 and my order isn’t going to come till next Mon. Believe it or not that’s cheap (I had a yyj bag in the order so they charge extra I live in the US) before I’ve ordered from places that took 2 months to arrive here (don’t ask me which websites I won’t tell) and they were in the US.

Hello all,
Just thought, because I had ordered a Blizzard Chief for Christmas that there could maybe be free shipping, say for orders over $100? It seems a little pricey when you order a really nice expensive yoyo, and then you have to pay an extra fee for shipping. I mean, it’s not that terrible that you have to, but it’s maybe just a suggestion.
Thanks! -ehsyo

I had to order an amplifier board to replace a defective one. Item only weights 2.2kg. Cost me $628 to ship it from the Czech Republic to the United States and despite ordering it a MONTH ahead of when I needed it, it still go to me a week AFTER it was needed. Seems my only choice was express shipping. The board itself only cost $800. If it came from the UK, I would have only had to spend $80 to have it shipped.

Ordered over $100K worth of PA equipment. Cost me over $2000 to have it loaded on a truck and have it ship across the country.

Look, YYE charges shipping. That’s what they do. People need to factor that into their budgets. I am NOT going to stop shopping at YYE because they charge shipping. Yes, I do buy from other places, including one that charges shipping only up until a minimum threshold spent, and another that doesn’t charge shipping.

I’m sure if YYE adjusts their policies, they will let us know. Either way, I don’t see me changing my shopping habits.

If you order a blizzard chief, why would you have an issue with an extra 3 bucks?

It’s 5 bucks. Who cares? Sure, other sites may have free shipping, but do they have the selection YYE offers? Do they have the absolutely first-class customer service YYE provides?

Sometimes you need to step back and look at what you’re saying. It costs money to ship. Plain and simple. So you don’t want pay $5-10? What would you even do with that $5-10? It’s really not that big a deal.

Yoyos don’t weigh that much. Be thankful for that.

I’d rather have the shipping cost $5 than have that expense factored into every product in the site.

What Soviet said pretty much sums this thread up - it costs money to ship things, so you have to pay for it.

Simply fact is, shipping costs money. To offer free shipping would cause YYE a massive loss, this loss would most likely be counteracted by increased costs (most sites with ‘free shipping’ tend to just slightly increase prices).

You know what I do?

Well, first I gotta smack myself around a bit, I’ve been spending a lot lately.

I don’t need to have it “right this very second”. I’m a patient guy. I want to secure the items I want. Then now that they are mine, I don’t have to worry about them. Shipping, can quite literally be whenever. I coordinate my purchases with YYE. If I think I may buy something later, I will say “hey, could you just hold my order for me, as I may add to it.” Case and point, I not too long ago ordered a new Gnarwal and asked for it to be held, and then a week later secured a Puffin, so they shipped together. You got to see my unboxing animation for that. More recent, I bought a pair of Loop 1080’s and asked for those to be held because I knew a week later managed to get a Cliff in that mad dash, so those got to ship together.

In my case, right there, I saved $13 in shipping by consolidating my orders together.

I’m honestly to the point with YYE where, anything I order during the month, just hold it and ship it at the end of the month, and if I have to upgrade my shipping past the original shipping price, then so be it, but it will still be less than the individual orders being shipped individually. You know what that’s called? It’s called awesome customer service. Again, I don’t need it “now”. I am patient.

Now, I wasn’t so lucky when I ordered the Dingo. Or the Token, or a few other things because they shipped solo. You know what? I made those choices. I’m fine with it.

I have absolutely ZERO issues with YYE policy.

No complaints here about shipping costs. I just received an order shipped by YoYoExpert across the country in 3 days, with tracking, and the shipping charge was $6.30, which is less than what the sales tax would have been to buy in a store. I also saved a few bucks on gas. They are providing great service and they aren’t making a dime off of shipping.

That’s the thing though, there are many other sites that offer yoyos for no more than yye and in some cases even manage to sell them for significantly less while still offering free shipping for orders over a certain amount. The simple fact is that YYE has cemented itself in the dominant position in terms of yoyo retail on the web. Andre honestly doesn’t need your business at least not in the way that the smaller struggling sites do. You ever noticed how yoyos like the Bapezilla.2 have 68 in stock and yet continue to remain at their original price of 145$? That should really tell you something about how well YYE is doing. I of course have no issues with this, that’s just capitalism for you. I just hope that Andre realize that as other smaller retailers begin to grow and still offer all the same extras that they do now, he’s gonna have to change things quick because his current way of doing things isn’t going to fly.

It’s core ethics and customer service (Which Andre has buckets of). He knows his stuff and carries a wider array than most other sites. The “other guys” and trying to stay afloat, while Andre can stretch his legs and sponsor more competitions. He knows all the ins and outs of yoyo and seems to have transitioned pretty smoothly into retail. Offer gimmicks like 10% off coupon codes and free shipping just means they have worked that into the price somewhere else or will fall flat on their faces when cost exceeds income.