I think we need to stop with the free shipping discussions

There’s been some back and forth over “YYE should or shouldn’t do free shipping”.

Here’s what I think, and it’s not to suck up.

YYE isn’t making money on the shipping. I think they have something in place with the shopping cart and ordering system that let’s them figure out what box to use, and hence what price to charge. Thank goodness for flat rate USPS. They probably have something to calculate weights for first class postage.

We get:
FREE delivery confirmation.
FREE Signature service on orders above a certain amount.
Those services cost.
I’m not going to get technical into the padded mailers and the cost of the machine that prints the labels and the supplies that keep that machine fed. Or the time it takes to package stuff up, bubble wrap, stickers, cards and other goodies crammed into boxes either. Cost of doing businesses.

ALSO, and my bad:
YYE has had to eat two shipping fees on me this year. One for an exchange on a yoyo since I made a mistake, and the other when they forgot to ship something. Oh wait, 2 more: replacement bearings for bad bearings, and a “oops, we forgot to ship something” oversight. So, I technically cost them some money. Yes, they still made money off me. I ain’t complaining.

I know some other shops do free shipping.
I know some shops do “free” when a certain price threshold has been exceeded.

I’m also not going to sit here and be YYE exclusive. YYE does have a LOT of stuff I want. Other places do too. I have to shop by price and what colors to get what I want. YYE can’t get all my business, but they do get a more than fair share of it. I will also continue to shop here, even if YYE continues to charge shipping. One place I also regular shop with is debating charging shipping. I am saying “yes”, even though this means I gotta pay extra now.

In short, I’m not changing where I buy from or how I shop.

If YYE chooses to extend codes for shipping discounts or other time-limited free shipping offers, that’s their choice. Yes, free shipping would be nice. I’m not going to get into YYE’s bottom line, profit model or business practices. That’s literally none of my business.

I do recommend people PLEASE do factor in shipping into your budgeting. It’s good practice.

Can we put this to rest now?

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That would be nice for ppl to stop it gets kinda annoying